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    Michael Jackson: \"You Never Walk Alone\" How many of you seen this? It\'s so BEAUTIFUL!

    Oh, god I'm bawling like a baby, now! I'm sorry for everything negative I said, LUV YA MIKE!!!! did I post this in the right section? I'm SO SORRY if i didn't!
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    Important question for everyone:Would you like something different?

    Hi All, All right we all love Michael Jackson, he is a pioneer, a great entertainer and icon . Yet, everybody I see in the music biz copy's off of Michael and Janet Jackson. From the dancers in lines backing the artist to the phrasing of certain words. But here's my question for you all...
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    NBC\'s Today Show Coverage of the Ebony Interview

    On this morning's Today Show the woman who did the Ebony interview was discussing her time with Michael...but she had gotten a lot of things incorrectly, like she said Michael was 5'7 or 5'8 and that he has three sons. I was so annoyed! Did anyone else catch it?