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    Those Knighthood rumours

    That's right. None other than Mr Bob The Knob Jones' book of fiction. Of course the media are treating it as fact because it's about MJ.... :bs
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    Is anyone having problems with this?

    When I try to start the MJJSource Juke Joint my player doesn't accept it. It's upto date and everything.
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    I just want peace for Michael.

    That's all. I don't care about the next comeback/album/whatever. I just want him to live how he wants to in peace and away from the chaos outside. So please leave him alone and let him live his life.
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    Just signed up to MJJSource Premium!

    It's well worth parting the $49 for! :D The first thing I went for after signing up were the videos. :thumbsup
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    Why Michael is truly free

    Sneddon finally got his big break and got Michael on trial, knowing full well he is innocent. This marks the height of stupidity on Sneddons part. How on Gods green earth did Sneddon even think he could win with a case so flimsy it could snap with a slight breeze? Looking at everything that's...
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    My heart forgives but my mind condemns.

    In my christian heart I would like to forgive the Arvizos and anyone else who may have caused hurt to Michael overe the years. This is so difficult for me to say but it must be said. For, my mind is thinking "how can I forgive these people?" I hear a voice from God telling me to forgive because...
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    It\'s starting to sink in.

    I am feeling just so darn good now it's finally really sinking in! Michael is really free at last! It feels so good to know that. It really does. :tooexcite :banana-mu :drinkingb
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    They just don\'t know what they are talking about....

    I'm talking about the media (shock horror). They all saying Michael won't come back from all that's happened. What the heck do they know? huh? Back in 1993 the media said it was the end but no he came back and kicked serious butt!! :banana-mu
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    Do we really know just how much we mean to Mike?

    Can we ever imagine what we truly mean to Michael Jackson? If I had to guess we mean more to him than we will ever know. He talks so glowing about us it makes me go all warm and fuzzy inside. As this whole mess has been going on I think there's been a stronger connection then ever before...
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    We stay strong no matter what!

    No matter what happens we must stay strong and united! Let's not give up the fight for fair justice and vindication for Michael!
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    Mike is still carving up the charts!

    As recent BillBoard readings show :)
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    When can we expect a verdict?

    I heard it's this week but does anyone know when?