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    MJ has always been a VICTIM sicne then! Decades after facing a judge and spending time behind bars for scamming a radio station out of tickets to a Michael Jackson concert, a Ledyard woman is accused of swindling again. Joanne Skok, and her husband...
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    STICKY Fans please remain strong and ALIVE for Michael Jackson

    I just cried earlier again for Michael.... I am again missing the man... WHY IS IT STILL SO FRESH???! I have accepted the FACT that he's GONE FOREVER but the hurt I am feeling of him being gone is still so fresh.... *sigh* WHY?? :( :(
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    I don't know if you guys have heard this before but I just found this out about 2 weeks ago and sure it's Mike's voice---- I am missing him once again *sigh* :blush :blush :blush
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    STICKY Fans please remain strong and ALIVE for Michael Jackson

    In just a few more hours it'll be a year since Mike left us all.. :( I cried twice already since the other day and NOT A SINGLE DAY that I didn't THINK of the man--- I missed my brother and I missed Michael as well.. *sigh* Almost a year and we are still here because we tried ad strived hard to...
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    THIS IS IT nominated for Best Movie at BET awards

    link: ... ent=PubSub After performing at the World Series, headlining a 9/11 benefit concert at Madison Square Garden and being named MTV News' Hottest MC in the Game, it's no surprise that Jay-Z received the most nominations for the upcoming 2010 BET...
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    MESSAGE TO THE FANS, FROM MR. JOSEPH JACKSON AND MR. MAJESTI ... oseph-jac/ It has recently come to our attention that Conrad Murray supporters will be demonstrating at the preliminary hearing, June 14th at the Superior Court of Los Angeles, much like Michael’s supporters have always done. This is their right just...
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    VIBE: Candid 2001 interview with the late King Of Pop ... -interview It has 5 parts/pages so, I am not posting here instead of the link.. What made me cry (again) when he talked about Prince and Paris. :( .... BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE AS LONG AS YOU ARE NOT HURTING ANYBODY.. Michael.... :crying
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    Have u seen the making when he was thanking NRJ in 2008??

    RDu3sPdqCY0 I LOVE YOU, MIKE!!!! :( I MISS YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! ((crying))
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    Kellie Parker---- Get your kleenex ready... MJ-- very important in her life???!

    Was this video taken after the trial or when he died?? I thought of same with Jen but I was looking at the gate (Michael was still alive when the auction happened and I know I saw the gate in the auction and was halted by.... thomae???) just before the journalist introduced Kellie.. But, the way...
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    Calgary Stampede is just around the corner and.... I will watch him dance..

    Dancer shares Michael Jackson moves Young Canadians get schooled by artist who worked with King of Pop Read more: ... z0m2gQLBzq Between lunch rushes at his dad's southern Ontario deli where he worked making sandwiches, dancer Daniel Celebre sent his...
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    Will You Be There--- After the first allegation??

    Remember when Mike performed at MTV (am not sure what year that was), he performed with Slash on Black or White and then Will You Be There with the orchestra, and then he danced with the dancers and then he recited part of the song---- when was that performance? After the first allegation?? The...
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    Just watch the whole thing... His glance and smile.. :\'(

    :( I miss him and I couldn't stop watching this clip... I want the whole footage of this!!! :'(
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    EARTH SONG full real backdrop :\'( I miss Mikey... The Earth girl is really cute! :)
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    \"Michael Jackson did a lot to bring that into the light for me.-- Kenny Ortega

    link: Director Kenny Ortega was the visionary behind what would have been Michael Jackson’s triumphant comeback tour This Is It, and instead brought the superstar's final days to the silver screen. On The Red Carpet caught...
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    Another award--- Lifetime Achievement

    link: ... n-in-malta As usual, either her or Jermaine...  :eek: American singer and songwriter La Toya Jackson is in Malta accompanied by a Maltese national who lives in the US. La Toya, who after a career in singing in the 1980s and 1990s, returning to...
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    MJ inspires Alicia Keys to do her best

    You never forget your first concert, especially when that first show happens to be Michael Jackson. Alicia Keys recalls attending one of the King of Pop’s legendary tours in the ’80s and the lasting impression it left on her as an artist. “The first concert I ever attended was Michael...
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    Janet\'s movie---- eventhough it was missing something, it still made me cry...

    ............ Because I was thinking of Mike's face when I saw her face and during her outburst, I was thinking of how sad I was instead when Mike died and eventhough the movie wasn't 100% great, I can still say that I liked it.. Janet looked soooo Michael on some of her scene----- their eyes...
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    Apollo Legends Hall of Fame---- the KING OF POP and.. :)

    SPRING BENEFIT 2010  APOLLO THEATER TO REMEMBER A KING AND CELEBRATE A QUEEN 2010 Annual Spring Benefit Concert and Awards Ceremony Monday, June 14, 2010 Hosted by comedian, multi-platinum recording artist and Oscar-award winning actor Jamie Foxx, this year’s Concert & Awards Ceremony will...
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    It\'s not just us missing the King Of Pop :(

    Tributes for Michael are still running through. Dancing With The Stars this Monday is again, paying tribute to Mike, tirbutes here and there... My friend, Maybel told me, you don't have to be a fan to be affected by his passing and she also cried when she heard Mike died.. She was not a fan like...
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    Michael Jackson- Our ICON

    Prepare your kleenex guys.... :1crying I don't know if this was posted here last year but here it is... Part 1 Part 2 I like the unseen pics during the EBONY photoshoots!!! :giddy :wub: