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    REQUEST: Pic from the trial era

    I know this is a really difficult request, but I simply MUST have this pic again. :wub: It's from the trial era, and it's just a stunning photo of him. He's dressed up for court and I believe he has his glasses on, he's standing outdoors and his head is either slightly down or straight on but...
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    Prince has lost his mind (again)

    In an extraordinary, but not unfamiliar move, the rock legend Prince is using an army of lawyers to launch attacks on his own fans. :blink: :lol :rolleyes: OH LAWD, he's crazy.
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    Wow, Mike was certainly acting weird here, wasn\'t he?

    From the Bambi Awards: zF-0Uv_Q8hc :rollin "Jesus!" :lol
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    Isn\'t this interesting...

    Well, I've been Web Archiving on the net... here ya go. Here is MJEOL in December of 2005 (takes a long time to load): MJEOL Here is MJEOL in January of 2006 (again, long time to load): MJEOL 2 Here is MJEOL in February of 2006. The rest of these pages load fast: MJEOL 3 Finally, here is...
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    Query - Currently Active Users List

    Okay, this is a convoluted question, so Whisper, please bare with me. :lol When you tick "Remember Me", it keeps you logged in forever right? However, does it keep you in the Active Users list or does it remove you from it for whatever reason after a certain amount of time cause I'd like to...
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    \"Thriller\" - Overrated?

    Now, come on guys, let's get serious. Is anyone else out there tired of hearing all about Thriller? I am. It's everywhere. On the TV, I've honestly heard "Thriller is the highest selling album of all time" 3,000 times. It's kind of starting to get on my nerves. Now, don't get me wrong, I love...
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    HIStory VS. Invincible

    Well, I'm not usually one to do vs. threads, but I thought I'd do one for this topic: Which album do you like better, and for what reason?
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    A lot of members on lately. Rock on, MJEOL!

    When I first joined this board a few months back, it was not nearly as busy as it is now. 7, 8, 9, 10 members on at once TOPS! That doesn't mean it wasn't great, cause it was! I absolutely loved (and still do) the place, because of the kind members (who know how to spell). :lol But now, there's...
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    Blood on Finger?

    I saw this over at MJNO, and I thought I'd discuss it here. Michael seems to be bleeding a little bit on his hand. :unsure:
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    Songs of Michael\'s you dislike

    Well, are there any? Think HARD! :lol - Speechless. - Threatened.
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    Michael\'s children throw him surprise birthday party!

    Michael Jackson is celebrating his birthday Tuesday in an unnamed location in Europe, Access Hollywood has learned. Earlier Tuesday, Michael's kids threw him a surprise birthday party. "He was totally shocked," Michael's spokeswoman, Raymone K. Bain, told Access Hollywood. Michael had cake...
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    How did you find MJEOL?

    So, how did'ya? :) I found it through KOPD (yes, KOPD). They mentioned MJEOL on there in someone's post, and I hadn't heard of it... So! I thought I'd go check it out! And I really liked the site... And then I discovered the FORUMS!!! :o What made me initially like the forums is that it was...
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    What should Michael\'s new album be called?

    What do you want Mike's new album to be called? There are unlimited possibilities, yet at the moment, I can't think of anything. :idontknow
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    Timbaland urges M.J to work with Quincy.

    Wednesday, August 09, 2006. Producer Timbaland is sending out a shout out to Michael Jackson to once again join superforces with Quincy Jones. Timbaland is convinced the "Thriller" magic can happen again if those two super powers reunite. He says, "Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson - That was a...
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    What happened to me today..

    :) :) :) Okay, now on with the story. :) Okay, so today I was out and about, doing errands and everything else, and I come out of the 7-11, heading back to my car, and something catches my eye. "It's a bird! It's a plane! Nope, it's two teenage girls wearing Michael Jackson t-shirts!" :o...
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    Favourite Tour?

    Wow, no existing thread on this? :blink: :unsure: Anyways, my favourite tour is, without a doubt, the HIStory Tour. Damn, Michael brought it all together with that one with amazing performances, IMO. Get to posting! :8-26-03fruits_apple
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    I found this funny, please don\'t rip my head off. :)

    Okay, I found this funny. :lol You probably won't. Madonna V.S Michael Jackson!
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    Your dream MJ concert setlist

    All righty, nothing came up in the search, so here we go!!! :licklips If you could have your own personal MJ concert, what would the setlist be? Here's mine (in order): :) 1. Is it scary? 2. Privacy. 3. Break of dawn. 4. Jam. 5. Invincible. 6. Liberian Girl. 7. Come together. 8. On the line...
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    Erm.. what? Give thanks to Allah..?

    Umm.. okay, so I (don't ask me how) suddenly found this song that is supposedly by Michael Jackson. The song is called Give thanks to Allah. I, for one have never heard of it, but there it is.. on quite a few sites. Here are the lyrics: Give thanks to Allah - Michael Jackson. Give thanks to...