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    help my new love isnt all that affectionate

    :( Okay Am trying to move on with my new Bf. He seems to be a great guy who is faithful and seems to love me, but he is not used to showing affection all the time like me. Its like when i show affection towards him he returns it, but i feel as though if he loves me like he says he should...
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    I dont know what to think anymore

    I thought that me and my bf was going to start over again in our relationship, but i guess he didnt love me as he said he did. Today when me and my now former bf was together this lady was yelling and cussing at him, because he supposedly fondled her . I kind of believe her too because there is...
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    What are your cAREER PLANS IN life

    My Career Plans in life is becoming a clinical psychologist, so i can help people live more happier productive lives. Iam now at the moment working on my Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts. I plan on continuing my studies earning my Bacherlor's Master's and later my Doctorate degree in...
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    What attributes u think Michael possess as a father

    In honor of Father's Day tommorrow i think it would be cool to list some of Michael's best attributes a father. Okay i think that Michael is caring, and warm, and affectionate to his children. why because he is not afraid to show affection to his kids and he tells them he loves them while...
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    The song ITC what you think it talks about?

    wHAT DO U THINK the song In The Closet is talking about?:cool:
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    Michael as overprotected father

    okay i know that Michael loves his children very much. But do u think that Michael is too overprotected of his kids? Am not knocking the fact that michael has to protect his kids, but at the same time he cant always shelter them for the rest of their lives either. sO WHY U think that MICHAel is...
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    U think that michael ever apologized to janet for making fun of her?

    Okay recently in an interview Janet mentioned that Michael used to make fun of her about her weight and that he called her a " Slaughter Hog" or House" whether these names. Do u think that Michael ever apologized to his sister when he realized that it hurted her? :mellow: It would really be...
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    Why does Michael care about children so much?

    I think that its beautiful for Michael to have a caring loving spirit. But why does children suffering and pain affect Michael so much? Maybe because he had a rough childhood that he just want other children to have a healthy childhood. What u think?:wub:
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    michael talking to his children about the facts of life

    Okay i know that Mike has a very strong bond towards his children. am wondering is Michael the kind of parent that would be open and honest with his children about the birds and the bees when they get older? or would he be shy about it? I think that michael would be open and honest with his kids...
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    I WONDER do michael like fat ugly fans like myself

    i will admit am fat and ugly and disgusting looking. i dont even know why am a fan of michael. Michael wouldnt wont to look at me much less know that i was his fan. so do u think that michael loves fat fans?:( well if he were to ever meet me he would probably throw the **** up because am just...
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    Describes Michael\'s Personality in one or more words

    If i had to describe Michael's personal attributes and talent. I said he is Sweet, Caring, Loving, Charming, And an Innovator. So how would you describe MICHAEL in one or more words about his personality and talent.:wub:
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    What songs of Michael touches your heart and why

    The songs that really pulls at my heart strings are " Earth Song" " Smile" GOD everytime i hear that song i melt, its as through Michael is singing that song personally to me. And also " Liberian Girl" that song is soo beautiful and romantic. So what Michael song touches your heart and...
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    am very pissed at how People think that they really know Michael\'s personality

    i just saw Michael JACKSON'S mIND. tHEY HAVE those freaking psychologist AND OTHER PEOPLE making michael look like some deranged psychotic person who is fascinated with young boys. an that STUPID BITCH DIANE DIAMOND WAS ON IT TALKING CRAP ABOUT MICHAEL. And another bitch have the nerve to said...
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    Michael\'s Private Home Movies

    I just saw the Program called Michael's Private Home Movies and i just loved it Michael seems to be more open in this. Anyway what i most love about it when Michael said during his trip to Budapest how he visited a hospital to discoverthat a little patient's skin was green and asked the nurses...
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    How honest o u think Michael is

    Okay be honest here how honest do u think Michael was when he did that documentary for scambag Bashir? I think he was very honest but some people here might not agree.:idontknow
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    Michael and vitiligo

    Well i was wondering since we all know that Michael has viliago i wonder will it pass on to his children. I just couldnt help noticing that in some pics that Paris and Prince are soo light. what u think?:confused:
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    Am wondering How does Michael feel about Janet\'s songs

    Okay i been wondering how does Michael feel about his little sister's Janet sexy songs. especially the sexually explicit ones. Do u think hes embarrased by them ? Do u think that he listens to them or not? :D
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    Man when will people learn that Mj is freaky innocent

    I Mean its like there is some kind of conspiracy against Michael that wants him to be GUILTY OF MOLESTATION. I really am getting fed up with people with these NEW RIDICULOUS CHARGES THAT ARE BEING BROUGHT AGAINST MICHAEL. I mean dont they freaking realize that Michael was innocent because HE...
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    Do think that Michael is the Kind of person

    To TALK someone out of taking their own life? to me he just seems like the type of person that values other people and life and will want others to value their life as well. what u think? and by the way am not thinking about committing suicide if thats what ur thinking.i just thought it would be...
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    okay am mad

    Am mad because i been wanting to hear the second accapella version of In the Closet, and i cant seems to find it. Can someone please email it to me if they have this audio file. my email address is I really really want this song :pullhair :lol