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    BAD era pic request: Pirate needs your help again MJEOLers D:

    I'm hunting for the full version of this, only rotated correctly and his hair not cut off: Uuuuunf look at that face, look at that gohjuss face <3 I finally decided. THE one. THE picture for my tattoo. I had the pic on my old hard drive but I can't find it. :( I KNOW it's somewhere around...
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    Michael and marijuana?!

    I've been reading a few reports of what police seized from Michael's bedroom. They all say pretty much the same thing we've all read, and then I notice...."two baggies of marijuana?!" This is in the police report! WTFWTFWTF. This is the first I've heard of this! Michael said he would never do...
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    Michael\'s big grin sketch :D

    Drew this yesterday based on a pic from Scream. I loved his grin in it lol. Just some basic lineart, I wanted it to be more graphic-arty than portrait-y. Criticisms are nice :'3
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    Billie Jean: Literal Video +NEW LINK+

    As Michael fans we don't have to be sad all the time :) One of the greatest things about our community is our unique sense of humor and ability to be light hearted in the face of sadness. I dunno if you guys have seen these Literal Music Videos yet but they are absolutely effing hilarious...
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    Sexy Side feature? D:

    Do we really have to have comments 'approved' before they're posted? Has anybody really ever said anything so mind-blowingly offensive that this is necessary? Or is this just something new that came along with the new forum layout? :O
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    Sick of all this cultish \'back-from-the-dead\' hoax nonsense.

    I realize that Michael's passing came as a huge shock to EVERYONE in the MJ community. Michael's fans have a level of devotion unmatched by ANY celebrity, and you can quote me on that. There's just nobody who had the legitimate relationship he did with us. We were there for him, we supported...
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    Scream pic request

    I'm looking for the pic from Scream where Michael is upside down against the wall and his face is kinda smooshed up against the ground? XD I think it was posted in the "Rarely Seen.." pics thread but because the pics won't show up for me I'm having an AWFUL time finding it... :crying It's one...
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    Space Channel 5 part 2

    I know there's a lot of really heavy stuff going on about Michael. SO! I thought maybe it would be appropriate to bring up something more lighthearted... Does anybody remember Space Channel 5? It was a music/rhythm game for Dreamcast, and Michael was in the 2nd one. He played Space Michael...
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    New Album Announcement?! O_O

    I heard on Fuse that the bidding for the 200+ unreleased songs for Michael's new album began today and the announcement for the release date of the album will be made at 5 PM EST :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O! I'm still kinda groggy as I was just woken up by frantic texts! Does anybody have any...
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    Better version of this (crazy sexy) Bad pic???

    Was wondering if anyone had a bigger/clearer version of this...I KNOW I've seen one but you know how things disappear when you need em. XD I would reeeeeeeally appreciate and bake cookies for anyone who has this ^^
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    How To Draw Michael Jackson Dawn shows you how to draw Michael in one of his famous poses in about 8 steps. It's actually a really good drawing, looks anatomically correct and the finished image is fairly realistic :D Thought this would be fun for the...
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    YANA angel pic request (halp!)

    I need a copy of two gorgeous YANA pics! If anyone can help me I will thank you via the Internet!!! Who doesn't love that?! AAAAANYway. First up, the original for this frustratingly tiny thumbnail: And then, if anyone has the version of this somebody shopped LMP out...
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    Fans claiming \"This Is NOT It...\" WTF?!!!!

    I'm hesitant to even post the link here, I don't want to bring that trash to MJEOL but I am so furious, so angry that people who call themselves fans can do this to Michael's memory. These people are feeding hungrily off of lies perpetrated by the media and becoming the second generation Billie...
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    Crazy fan jumps on cherrypicker during Earth Song, Michael holds on for dear life XD

    WHAAA?! How did that happen? How amazing is that?! XD He jumps on at about :16 and Michael's kinda like :blink: "How do I finish the song while I'm preventing this guy's fall to his death..." ....But wouldn't you love to be held like that? :cloud9 Totally worth getting kicked out of the rest of...
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    LMFAO Have you guys seen this?! XDDD

    I'm just gonna post the link cos it's kind of profane, lol. It's kind of really hot too, cos he's licking his finger XD I love that man. :cloud9 If anybody has the original, could they...
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    STICKY Fans please remain strong and ALIVE for Michael Jackson

    Exactly exactly exactly...I agree 100000%. I LOST it when they brought out the casket. I cried in a steady stream throughout the entire thing, it was beautiful and heartbreaking and so well done. He would've loved it. On suicide.... I was at the Apollo. I was there, and it was insane...I...
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    STICKY Fans please remain strong and ALIVE for Michael Jackson

    Yeah, that's how I feel too. I've been a fan since 3. I have NEVER known not being a fan, not having him to look up to, not having his music, message and inspiration. I sobbed hard as soon as I saw those awful words on the television screen. But then, later, I wasn't crying...I almost feel...
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    STICKY Fans please remain strong and ALIVE for Michael Jackson

    That's pretty much the only thing that kept me alive. I thought about it, and came to the conclusion that it would be a disgrace to Michael's name to do such a thing. He would have been devastated to find out something like this. A friend of mine sent me a text saying that it was up to fans to...
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    Michael\'s Handwriting Analysis leans toward \"Guilty?\" WTF?! I was looking for his signature when I happened across this....what the hell? It's very, very interesting if only for the fact you can completely pick it apart for its falseness. :icon_hitting Which is only moar verified by the fact they're...