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    Michael\'s theroy on KFC!

    I though this was just too funny and cute! Michael Jackson's chicken confusion Wednesday, 17 September 2008 Michael Jackson thinks peeling the skin off a chicken makes it organic. The eccentric pop star, who is a huge fan of fast food eatery KFC, believes removing the outer layer from fried...
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    Meeting Michael??

    Just wondering has anyone here ever met Michael in person?? if so please share your experince! also if you have any tips for the rest of us on how to meet Michael please share! :)
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    mjjsource warning

    i was just on mjjsource and this is at the top on the page. i though you guys might wanna read this incase it has happen to you or someone you know. hope this is ok. WARNING! Question: Michael (or his children) has contacted me via email, is this really him or them? Created: Monday, 12...
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    BET\'s Inside the Jacksons

    i need help. I missed The Inside the Jackson's on BET tonight! i forgot it was on and i had a reminder set and everything and i wasnt waching tv at the tine so i missed it and only saw the last minture of it. Can anyone upload it if ther taped it or now if there is a website that will have it...
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    mj flash cartoon

    i got this from mjnewsonline that someone posted and its really cool and funny. check it out. :lol:
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    Michael Jackson on vacation in Bahrain

    i got this from msnbc. heres the article. Michael Jackson vacationing in Bahrain 'Very, very private' visit as guest of king's son Interactive Updated: 8:11 a.m. ET June 30, 2005 MANAMA, Bahrain - Michael Jackson began a vacation at a prince’s palace in the tiny Gulf kingdom of...
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    LOL! read this is hilarouis!!

    i found it on mjnewsonline and theres a link in the topic. instead of just posting this fake article i though i would just post the link to the post. i hope it works.
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    Did Grace back out? mjnewsonline

    Hey i got this from mjnewsonline and i had to post it here. Grace BACKS DOWN from the Larry King Face off! Nancy Grace being the coward she is, Backs down from the scheduled interview to be on Larry King Live. She was to appear opposite Mark Geragos, Michael Jackson’s Attorney during the lead...
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    a song for Sneddon

    I got this from Mjnewsonline. Its in the tune of Beat It. A fan on there wrote it. check it out. Sort It (To the theme of Beat It) We told Tom Sneddon that we really hate him He's such a loser and we'd never rate him He has flab on his chin and it freaks us out So sort it, just sort it...
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    Victory songs

    D.S. They wanna get my ass dead or alive. you know he really tried take me down by surprise. I bet he misssioned with the CIA. He dont half what he say. Tom Sneddon is a cold man. Tom Sneddon is a cold man. Tom Sneddon is a cold man. Tom Sneddon is a cold man. He out shock in every...
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    BJ the super fan

    the other night i was waching one the major news networks i think it was msnb or cnn they talked about mj's fans supporting him and they talked about the super fan BJ who comes to court everyday, lives in a hotel and works at a local mall and makes sure that his work schedule can work around him...
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    im scared!

    guys im neverous as hell! i know deep down MJ is completly innocent of these charges but what IF? its scary to know that its gotten this far and just maybe mj's name will eather be destroyed or clearned once and for all. Even IF the unthinkable happends i dont think he will get the sentence they...
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    im back!

    hey guys! what i miss? i was having computer problems for 3 days straight but i finally got it taken care of! My computer was being VERY VERY slow so i couldnt get online. did i miss anything in the case? i dont really watch the news coverage anymore bc its all BS i prefer this place to get the...
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    have you ever...

    have you ever been told that you dont know anything about mj's case? i just was on another message board and i dont care. have you guys ever been told that?
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    Jackson Jury View documentary

    source: Jackson jury watches controversial film Bashir refuses to answer questions; singer may testify, lawyer says Michael Jackson departs the Santa Barbara County Courthouse March 1, 2005 following the second day of Jackson's trial in Santa Maria, California...
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    best week ever

    did anyone see Best Wekk Ever Last week? they talked about Michael again and they were talking about his penis. I dont know why bc i didnt hear about this bit apparently on the it said that Michael's penis looks like a barbershop pole? that i dont buy at all but i just wanted to...
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    just testing my sig.
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    My dad is a Rock Star

    Has anyone seen this new cartoon on Nickolodoen called my dad is a rock star? well it was created and excitive produced by Gene Simmons from KISS. ( i know creepy!) lol anyways i was waching it lastnight and in this espiosde the Dad Rockzilla (thats the famous dad in the show) decided to have...
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    moonwalker video game?

    hey guys. does anyone have that site that Michael's Moonwalker video game that you can download and play on your computer? i lost it. if anyone has it can you post it here? thank you! :)
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    Geraldo on Jay Leno lastnight

    i was waching it lastnight and i was rooting Geraldo on and Jay was being suck a prick. i cant believe he cant look past all these allegations and see that mj is human and is innocent. What made me even more angry is that he kept sayin that bc Michael is so rich that he was gonna get away with...