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    TDCAU - Brazil version

    Which the most interesting scenes you could perceive on TDCAU video Brazil version?
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    Are you a great Michael´s fan?

    All we are Michael fans but , are you a good fan? Do you feel you are important for him, for his career, for his good famous? What do you do to be a good fan of Michael?
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    How did Michael feel...

    Could you just imagine how Michael felt when he arrived at home and got his birthday surprise party? What do you think he said or did?
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    The magic and the madness

    After looking for the book "The Magic and the Madness" written by Randy Taraborrelli, in some states near I live, I found it in Recife when I spent some days only for resting. I´m reading each chapter slowly and I got really surprised to know how Motown earned money with Jackson 5...
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    Michael on Brazilian TV

    Last week a Brazilian Tv chanel showed many times the scene of Michael holding Blanket in a hotel in Berlim. I can´t believe that people really think that Blanket wasn´t safe with his father that moment or in any other. I realize they say bad things about him only for pleasure. But...
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    A Very happy fan

    Exactly one year before I was seeking all news about Michael, and I only found out those terrible lies, lies and lies. I wasn´t a fan yet this time but I couldn´t believe the press said about him all the time. So I became a great fan, I believed in his innocence and prayed to God...