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    Dallas Fans!

    Come check out our show at the Pocket Sandwich Theatre! Make reservations, eat some food and drink some beer (or not!). In this uproarious story of three brothers, Tom and his wife are about to adopt a baby. His brothers are anxious to help make a good impression on...
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    Lyrics Please!

    Nevermind! I found them!
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    The official Whisper Appreciation Thread

    I hope it's okay to post it in this part of the forum. After reading all that love you were getting at MJJF, I thought it should be carried over to your home turf. Here is my post from MJJF: "Whisper, I can't even begin to tell you how much I've appreciated you these last couple of years...
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    Picture Request: Michael and Janet embracing

    It's an old one in Black and White. I vaguely remember it from Jet (or perhaps Ebony) magazine. Michael is in his early 20s I believe and Janet in her late teens. I think they are kissing, but I'm not sure. Memory a little fuzzy. I believe the caption read something like "Michael and Janet...
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    Post deleted

    *Deletes post. Remembers not to blow off steam in this joint and walks away.*
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    Can I get Gavin Arvizo's full Direct and Cross please? Can it be posted here, or do you need to email it to me. Or do you have a link! I'll take anything! :lol:
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    A spirit lifter I posted at MJJF

    (When these folks p*ss you off, just think of this) Okay, now I KNOW there are Harry Potter fans on this board. I have been re-reading book 5 to refresh my memory for book 6. Well I have found two of our "favorite" characters nestled within the pages of these books. Look who I found so far...
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    Just want to thank you all...

    I just want to take a moment to say how glad I am to have this board of sensible individuals when it comes to MJ. This morning, I was branded an idiot by a family member because I had the audacity to defend MJ after some silly sh!t that "Uncle Tom" Joyner and his fellow cotton pickers--God...