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    Hey peeps!! look what I did!! :)

    You can do that in: Have fun :P
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    This is too funny!!!!

    This is too funny ppl!! :rollin This is cute :wub:
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    Happy Birthday Veronica!

    Happy Birthday Vero! you old hag! lol many happy returns may all your wishes and dreams come true! I wish you happiness and health always! :wub: :birthday6 :bdaycake :love :present Love, your friend, Michelle :wub: :birthday6 :bdaycake :love :present
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    A little something I did for fun :)

    Hey guys! As some of you may know I love to sing in my spare time So here's a little something I recorded in a studio just for the fun of it... I recorded 'Memory' by Barbara Streisand from the musical 'Cats' Dont be too brutal ok?? :lol Here's the addy, I know the site is in Heberew but...
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    Nostalgia thread!

    Remember this old song from the 90's 'shut up and sleep with me' by 'Sin with Sebastian'? I bet you do! :lol (the older peeps anyhow) that song just cracks me up each time I hear it!! so dumb and so fun! :rollin here's a link to it I found in Youtube... enjoy and feel free to bring other...
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    OMG I wrote a poem! lol

    here goes... be brutal! lol I have loved you forever Though I don’t know you at all You're so far away from me Always have been always will be You don’t even know I exist But somehow I feel that if you knew, You'd love me too Sometimes I let myself imagine How one sweet day we will meet...
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    WTF does he have in his pocket????

    any ideas? lol
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    MTV Japan music awards- tonight

    tonight at 21:00 central europian time MTV Japan will air on MTV europe! :) Enjoy ya'lls!
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    homina homina homina homina *drulling*

    ohhhhhh lordyyyyyyyyyyy you have got to see this!!!!! :mf_w00t2: :mf_w00t2: :mf_w00t2: :mf_w00t2: