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    I wanted to be the one to break the news to everyone here on MJEOL some good news. For the past month, I've dating a very amazing and special girl, who has changed my life and helped me grow into a better man. She's done so much for me and has become my whole life. My girlfriend is the one and...
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    I Need Some Advice

    I need some advice from you, girls. Im a guy so I need help with understanding the female mind and heart so please bare with me and try to help me in any way you can... Im in college and there are these 3 girls that have always had a crush on me since last year when I first started the...
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    People need to appreciate life and its blessings...

    Not only does it bother me that people complain about the smallest of things in life, but people are so selfish and ignorant. There's bigger things and crisis happening around the world like Haiti and all the other third world countries. People are so caught up in their drama, riches, houses...
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    Lady Gaga talks about Michael Jackson

    I don't know if anyone saw this or had posted this already but I personally respect Lady Gaga for being so different than the "in" crowd and being artistic compared to other singers out nowadays and I always knew Michael had a huge impact on her...
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    Rapper The Game Makes Tribute Song For Michael

    The Game featuring Chris Brown, Diddy, Mario Winans and Boyz II Men - "Better On The Other Side"
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    Akon leaves Michael behind??

    Ok so whats up with Akon's new album, "Freedom"? I thought Mike was supposed to be on it with the duet they did together "Hold My Hand" and there was gonna be a video for it and everything. What happened to that? I saw Akon's album online and on the track listing, "Hold My Hand" with Mike was...