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    Can\'t people realize Michael is really gone??

    this really bothers me. all these videos. this is completely rediculousss. I can understand how we all wish Michael never died, but he really did, all these people saying he's really here and this person apparently thinks MJ is desguising himself as this Dave Dave person, that Michael was...
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    MSU is playing This Is It :D

    Hey guys! I just wanted to share my excitement. My college, MSU, has this thing called Stomper's (our mascot) Cinema and they show new releases and old movies every week for free for the students and This Is It is playing this week!! I went the first night (Wed night) with a friend, and I went...
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    Help me make this community sound unique!!

    Hey everyone, i'm a freshman in college and i'm in speech 100 class, and our first speech is a introductory speech and we have to talk about ourselves, and a community we're involved in thats unique and unique things about it that if u said something or brought something up about the community...
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    Help? Ideas for MJ Tattoo

    Hey everyone, I got money for Christmas and since I'm 19 now I've decided to get my first tattoo and I want to be a "in memory of" tattoo for Michael.. I want to have like a picture of some kind, maybe a pose and his name with the years he was alive and maybe a small saying i'm not sure yet.. I...
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    Help please? :)

    Hey everyone, I'm doing a project on Michael for my english class and I decided to do a poster of him like on one side i wanted to show how the media portrayed Michael and on the other side I want to show how Michael really was and should be remembered for, so if anyone can give me any...
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    HELP! I Need a Pic!!

    Hey guys, I'd really appreciate the help, if you could find me a good picture that I could put in a portfolio for an english project on Michael, I need to find one good size good picture of Michael to represent him well if in all lights (maybe a collage of appropriate pictures) something that...
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    I couldn\'t help but notice..

    I was looking through pix of Michael on like I usually do, and I came across this one from the 30th Anniversary Special.. Couldn't help but noticing Macaulay's got his thumb nail painted blue hahaha I thought...
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    Is Michael smoking a cigar?

    In this picture?? Shock me. I didn't know he smoked anything lol.. That's what it looks like to me anyway.
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    Michael\'s Will

    Hey everyone, I came across this on YouTube and I think its real. It states in there that Michael is not married (we knew that) and that his only children are Prince, Paris and Blanket (says their full names) and that he officially has no other children. I just wanted to post this because I'm...
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    weird lovelyness..

    Ok guys so i wanted to share this. I've been experiencing some weird things since michael left us, i've grown closer to him in a way and i really feel like im truly in love with him. i want to share this because i know you guys will understand me but some of these things are so weird and really...
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    Hey so I'm in love with Michael's hands and i was wondering if anyone had any good pics of them :P:D
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    If You Don\'t Love Me

    Has anyone ever heard Michael's unreleased song off the Dangerous album called If You Don't Love Me??? I just punched in his name in limewire with unreleased and it came up... Also the For All Time from the 25th Anniversary of Thriller? I'm totally in love with those songs so I'm just saying :D...
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    Michael as an angel...?

    Hey guys, I've been looking for pix and videos of when Michael was an angel.. I saw it a few places can't pin point what video it's in, want to make a backround of it if i can find a pic big enough, so if anyone knows what video or has any pix please help :D Thanks!! Brittany :)
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    MJ & Oprah Interview?

    Hi, I've read this interview before but I really would like to see the video of it, does anyone know where i can find it? I've tried Youtube... But haven't found much except like little bits here and there... I would really appreciate your help. Thanks! Brittany
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    Michael Getting Sued for $40 million?!?

    Ok, first of all wth??? My friend just text me saying she saw on the news that michael is being sued for $40 million. I have no idea what to think of it, is it just another rumor? Has anyone else heard about it? I'm nervous for him... :| Brittany
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    Wallpaper Request :D

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone could make me a wallpaper with either Give Into Me/Dangerous Michael? It'd be really appreciated since I can't find one that fits my screen lol my normal screen size is i think 1336x768 but 1280x768works somewhat too. If anyone wants any pix or anything or if you...