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    Thriller Dance Party [Oct. 2]

    I have been meaning to share some photos of a MJ Tribute I went to in Sarasota, Florida on October 2nd. It was aptly titled Thriller Dance Party. This dance party was actually scheduled before MJ's untimely passing, but they changed it into a tribute to MJ. It originally was to get people into...
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    Florida Fans - This Is It

    With tickets going on sale in a week I just wanted to see if there were any fans that wanted to go as a group. I live in the Tampa/Sarasota area of Florida but am willing to go almost anywhere in Florida. I am taking off work Oct 28th.
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    Neverland\'s Ownership

    I don't know if this belongs here or not so forgive me if it's not. I just have a few questions about how much of Neverland did Michael own when he passed? Did he hand over the majority of Neverland's ownership to Colony (I can't remember the exact name of the company)? If he handed over the...
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    Rowe\'s News Conf.

    Debbie Rowe is going to hold a press conf in the next half hour from CNN
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    Pics of Michael & his children

    Just on TMZ and they have a host of never-before-seen pics of MJ & his children. It's sad because they all look so happy. This is the Michael I have always wanted the world to see, instead of the monster they created with their hateful words.
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    STICKY Fans please remain strong and ALIVE for Michael Jackson

    Thanks for posting this Carla. As much pain as we are all in at the moment over the passing of such a magnificant man we would do ourselves an injustice by mistaking our grief as a reason to take our own life. I pray for the souls of those who felt there was no other way to handle their grief...