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    I\'m off to neverland, who else is going?!

    I am on a plane right now headed for Santa Barbara. I will be there at 9:28pm Cali time. If anyone else is going, I would like to know. Pm me your phone number and I will try to get in touch with you. This is my first time traveling alone and I could use the company. I have a car, a gps and an...
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    I\'m Going to Gary Tomarrow Morning

    Hello everyone, My name is Nicki, I used to be a frequent poster here, but hard times have drawn me back here. For those who don't remember, which is probably most of you, I live in Indianapolis, Indiana, which is only a couple hours from Gary, and I plan on starting my pilgrimage tomarrow...
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    Fun and Entertaining

    Wow, its been a while since I've stalked the forums of MJEOL.... Oh the good Ol' days.... anywho, i found something fun for you all and thought I would share. I found that watching MJ dance to the Hamster Dance is highly entertaining, and worth the watch!
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    Astonishing Revelations from Mary Holzer — MB#272

    Whisper, you've done it again! I sure hope the jury has your fantastic investigation skills
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    What Would You Do?

    If Michael came to your door with a copy of 'Watchtower' trying to convert you to the jehovah's witnesses? remember he actually did this in malls and around his neighborhood in disguise!
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    Jackson to Attend hearing Monday

    Sources: Jackson to Attend Next Hearing 29 minutes ago By LINDA DEUTSCH, AP Special Correspondent SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Michael Jackson (news) has decided to come to court Monday to hear the testimony of the man prosecuting him on child molestation charges, according to sources. Santa...