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    Junsu has a Xmas Present for You

    Junsu's 'Thank U For' special song for the fans Read full article
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    JYJ Magazine Due in January [VIDEO]

      JYJ plans to release their first magazine Jan 2013 centered around JYJ content. The JYJ, the name of the mag, will be focused around the first 1000 days since the three members became "JYJ" by standing up to their former agency and filing a lawsuit for unfair contract practices. Read full article
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    JYJ Funny/Cute Moments

    {youtube}NsJFz9VJqVE|560|380{/youtube}Read full article
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    Happy Birthday to Junsu!

    Its Junsu's and Junho's birthday already?! Oh my god, sun! The adorable-and-sexy-at-the-same-damn-time, caramel-voiced SuSu and his fraternal twin brother Junho both turn 26 this year.   Junsu has won many awards for both his music and stage acting, often breaking ticket sales records when he...
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    Junsu Xia Ballad & Musical Concert Set for Dec 29

        December 29 marks the beginning of Junsu's 3 concert event called '2012 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert', complete with orchestral accompaniment. The beautiful voiced singer is said to be putting the final touches on the show which will feature live performances of songs from his debut album...
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    CJeS Smacks down Netizens for Spreading Defamatory Rumors About JYJ

    CJeS apparently had to smackdown a few netizens who posted libelous rumors about JYJ online. According to translated reports, CJeS (the company who works with JYJ) posted a notice on their website warning against spreading "malicious posts" about the trio. "If any of our CJeS artists find damage...
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    Junsu Comments About SM Legal Battle, TVXQ

      Junsu, who is in Germany as part of his solo world tour, commented about the closing of the legal battle between JYJ and SM Entertainment (SM). According to translated reports, the singer/songwriter heard the news on the day he was scheduled to fly to Germany.   At a press conference in...
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    [Interview] Jaejoong for Movie Week N°556

      - Why did you start acting?  To show myself more often to the public. - Have you had any special preparation for acting? At first, I had acting classes but it didn’t help much. (laugh) Because my face looks unique and my voice isn’t ordinary too, I think my acting becomes awkward if I learn...
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    Reports: JYJ and SM Legal Battle is Over Update #1

      According to translated reports, the legal dispute between JYJ and their former agency, SM Entertainment, is now over. Both sides have reportedly agreed to drop all lawsuits against each other and the trio should now be free to promote their various projects on entertainment shows throughout...
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    After Earnings Decrease, SM Blames Duo Group TVXQ ?

    Guess who may be blaming the duo version of TVXQ for their falling business profits?  If you said SM, you've guessed correctly according to a translated reports from Apparently, SM is struggling to come up with a reason why their business profits were way below expectations.  So, they...
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    JYJ in Japan: Recipients of the Commendation of the Minister Award at KBEE

     Guess who got a special honor by receiving the Commendation of the Minister award during the opening ceremonies of KBEE 2012 Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo? JYJ, of course. JYJ received the honor because they were designated to have the most influence on culture among all the Korean...
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    Jaejoong in Elle Korea: My Journey Week

      In northern India, the road to Alwar located near Rajasthan was more difficult than they had anticipated. They shouldn’t have believed so easily when they heard that it would only take 4 and a half hours from Delhi Airport. For the people who measure time by the ticks of a clock, it wasn’t...
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    JYJ Tony Moly Full Commercial

    Tony Moly commercial Read full article
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    Happy Birthday to Yi Han :)

      I recently found out that Jin YiHan (last name, first name) has a birthday on Oct 10 2012. Yihan plays Jaejoong's best friend in Timeslip Dr. Jin.  The two became really close during the filming and set off the 'yaoi meter' of many fangirls who still seek to pair them up. Yihan, whose real...
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    SBS Pokes a Hornet's Nest By Refusing to Broadcast Junsu's Performance

      SBS just poked the hornet's nest by refusing to broadcast the performance by Xia Junsu at the National Para Games Opening Ceremony. From what I've gathered so far, SBS used Junsu's name and appearance at the live event to help promote it.  Then when he performed, they either cut the cameras or...
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    Archive: Jaejoong and Yihan possible roommates? (Sept 2012)

      After ‘Dr. Jin’ ended, Jin Yihan is taking a rest. But nowadays, news articles relating to him often come up. Every tweet of JYJ’s member Kim Jaejoong who was with Jin Yihan in the drama has become hot topic, two people’s every move therefore entered the headlines. Read full article
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    Seoul Court: CJeS Not Liable for Damage Resulting from JYJ US Showcase

    Ok. The translation is a little unclear, but the main point is that someone filed a case trying to get money from CJeS in relation to JYJ Concerts in the US.   The Seoul High Court found that CJeS is not responsible for paying the 3rd party company ("C" Company) who made a contract with somebody...
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    Jaejoong and Director John Lee (Instagram)

     Jaejoong with John Lee(from his instagram, @johnhleefilms) Read full article
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    Junsu Song Ranking High on Online Music Charts

      Junsu did a song, "Love is Like a Snowflake" for the soundtrack to the drama Nice Guy (aka Innocent Man) which is getting mad attention right now. Those people who are watching the drama got a nice surprise during episode 4 when Junsu's song was used. Read full article
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    Jaejoong and Jihyo at the poster shooting for 'Jackal Is Coming'

    Jaejoong and Jihyo at the poster shooting for 'Jackal Is Coming' Read full article