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    MJ comedy skits (to bring at least one smile)

    First of all, before anyone beats me up for disrespect- Carla dared me to post this in a very light-hearted thread. (*waves* Hii, Carla.) I decided to take her up on it, and post these old writings of mine here in Conversations to break the somber mood in here, and more importantly as a...
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    I Remember: Our Best Memories of Michael

    There's probably already a thread like this, but... no harm in one more, right? :) It could be a little game, see- you say 'I Remember', and after that, write your best memories of Michael. It could be in chronological order (like I'm about to do), or no order at all, whatever you wanna do...
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    STICKY Fans please remain strong and ALIVE for Michael Jackson

    o.o Oh yeah. Nice way to honor Michael- killing a child. D: *won't even dip her feet in that one* Yesterday after a... ah... little scuffle with my father, I realized just how important it is to get over all this grief and be happy.... (Because, among all the reasons, Lord knows I'm not...
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    STICKY Fans please remain strong and ALIVE for Michael Jackson

    I am going to live as I always did: For Michael.
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    WHAT AND WHEN THE HELL WAS THIS? Source: MJStar. Who got it from The Sun. Michael appeared "gaunt and fragile".... I am scared as HELL right now. Can someone fill me in on this?!? PLEASE?!
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    Guys, I know I only post here once in a blue moon, but I need to pass on this message from one artist to another, and many many others here on MJEOL. I want you all to read this article on Animation Magazine that tells of a...
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    From Steady-laughing... :wub: Hotttttttnesss. That one is KILLER!! GAHHH HIS SMILE! It's makes everything right in the world. And his eyes, too... all lighting up like that... when I see that, it's as if nothing's wrong at all and nothing ever was wrong. My angel. ;u;
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    Michael wants ya to take his hand...

    I just had to share this with you guys... Yesterday, when I was looking through the WMAs threads here and at the pictures, I realized how much I'd lost touch with Michael over the past months. Maybe even years. It must really say something that even if Mike didn't perform like we imagined...
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    okies...I wrote this..for Mike..n read it aloud too.. anyone wants to leave a prayer for Mike can do it here :D I Marvel at your beauty each and every day that smile, Insightful into your Confidence, so bright but I ask at night for GOD to Heal you of hidden wounds and ills, doubts and pains...
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    MJ Sprites

    I posted these before, but I've made more since! :D (infact, the last 7 were all done this week) First ones: Court MJ: T-Mez: (hehee..the hair!!) Red-shirty MJ: Dangerous tour MJ: D-tour MJ, animated: (kickin it old school!! XD) NEW: Side-views of red shirty MJ: , Black or...
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    Black or White!!

    Cos I LOOOVE that black n white outfit he's wearing. White overshirt, white undershirt, the glove, black pants with AWESOME shin guards. Post post post!! <3
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    My own little graphics thread.

    Okies..well, Amrai kept encouraging me to, and plus I make lots of blendies for her n myself, so here we go! I want you guys to see my stuff. Made this tonight for Amrai. *hugs* An now my most recent crap! (alternate version of my sig) ..o.x moi.. urgh, I'm hideous... Danny!! And...
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    BOTDF remixes!!

    Duuudes..I'm lookin' for an mp3 of THIS! BOTDF (Blood onna dance floor) - Fire Island Radio Edit (remix) SOOO kewl. o_o If anyone can help me, t'would be awesome.
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    \"But Elizabeth, I\'m not very hungry...\"

    Remember when Michael told Jesse Jackson that he wasn't much of a big eater, so Elizabeth Taylor would hand-feed him? The mental image was SO cute, I had to draw it today! Might color it. :D I'm so lazy to, cos I love the manga style here. I've never drawn Liz before, so this is the best I...
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    the MaJic...

    Wull, instead of worrying and simpering about the case, we need some brightness. Girls 'n' boys, if you're on Deviantart, come one come all 'cos our Michael, for the FIRST TIME, has a home on Deviantart. Darkbrowneye (Nane/leachima) and I opened it just...
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    I just made these!

    Ya know little video game sprites? Here's T-Mez, Mikey, and non-court Mikey :D I LOVE how they came out. My friend Lysa taught me how to make 'em... lookie! :D I want to make more! :inlove Does anyone have any ideas? (i.e., which MJ outfit or era or wot..)
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    \"A day in court...\"

    I only imagine... XD Michael's mother Katherine gets a bit worried.... (p.s.: get a load of Michael's expression! XD) hope ya like, excuse the messiness-- and YES that is supposed to be Jermaine on the right side. I'll fix him.. XD
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    TDCAU with Olodum...

    Does anyone have an mp3 of that? It's so impossible to find.. ;.; I absolutely have to give props to Olodum cos that drumming was AWESOME!
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    What would you do if you were on a date with Michael at a fancy restaurant and........

    ....suddenly something you ate didn't go well with you, and you had to let out a WHIIICKED LOUD fart? XD I know it's childish, it's crass and stupid, but there was a topic like this so long ago when alot of us were more light hearted, before all this case -- no, SCAM -- crap started. So tell...
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    Michael gr00vin\' to Ignition!

    You guys, if you have any pics from that freakin ADORABLE/hilarious scene from the Private Home Movies of MJ backseat-dancin' to Ignition, please post!! I WANNA SEEEE :D