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    Michael On Maplestory? :P

    Hey guys, I haven't seen you guys in such a long time. I wanted to post more pics of MJ on Animal Crossing, but my wii is acting up, so that will have to be on hold. I started playing a new game, called Maplestory, and MJ seems to have invaded that one as well! :p Like the pun on his name...
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    Very Funny Zelda Thriller Video

    Why the crap did I do this...? Ah, well. Hey everyone! I haven't been here in a while, and I missed you all. I was bored last night, so I decided to make something a little fun. This video I created is a Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword spoof of Thriller. I've been playing this game for the past...
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    Hey guys, I'm finally back.

    Hey everyone. I haven't been here in so long, I missed you guys. How is everyone doing? Im in college now and Im trying to get used to being an adult, but it isn't working well. lol I'm still working on my fanfics, but having to help babysit 2, maybe 3 by the end of April, kids, go to school, do...
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    Alien Ant Farm-Smooth Criminal

    I was watching something on I think MTV about MJ influences on other artists, and I happened to come across this very funny video by Alien Ant Farm that just cheered me up so much. I hope it cheers you guys up as well. :wink P.S.: I forgot how to post...
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    Wal-Mart\'s gone MJ-Crazy!

    Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've been on here. I missed you guys. I just wanted to tell you that Wal-Mart is selling a whole bunch of MJ TII concert collectables. I don't know if anyone posted it yet, but I just wanted my MJ friends to know first. This is probably the most money I've...
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    Michael On Animal Crossing

    I just wanted to show you guys these pics I took on this game that my brother bought me, called Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii. He thought the game was boring, but it is actually entertaining, since there is something new to learn everyday. Since I'm able to use my Miis on the game, I...
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    Rare Pics Of Neverland Photoshoot

    Hey guys. I found these rare pics of MJ in a photoshoot at Neverland and at a different house of his at a beach that were really cute.:wub: It's a lot of pics, so Im just gonna post the link to site right here...
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    Another Unreleased Song

    Hey, my friend just linked me to TMZ and they had a 30 second sample of an unreleased song by MJ, called A Place With No Name, sampled from some group called America and their song A Horse With No Name, but it's really nice. :wub: Right click...
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    Just a little breather...and a lot of laughter.

    I just feel now, because of all of these speculations and things going around, that we should all take a breather and remember how big of an imapct Michael has had on the world. One way is through this website, called Eternal Moonwalk. You all should go visit this site, take a breather, and just...
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    Michael\'s face seen in the clouds above Manhattan

    I just saw it myself of CNN! I never seen these types of clouds before, but I saw his face in them! Here's the report: It looks like he's sleeping. :wub::wub:
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    Joseph Jackson was HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :D You guys won't believe it. Joseph Jackson had came to our city in New Jersey to watch the performances of Stephanie Mills And The Whispers. It shocked the crap outta me! :lol I was first escorted to meet The Whispers when the executive director told me that Joseph Jackson had appeared in the...
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    \"The Man\" & \"The Mask\"

    These are my first 2 poems about MJ, so bear with me on it. :wub: What do you guys think? B)
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    Hey Everyone! Missed You Guys!

    Some of you may not remember me, but it's C.J. I missed you guys so much!!! My mom put me off of my PC, so I couldn't be online as much. Well, I have been doing lots of things lately. I finally made a CD! It's our band's first CD, & we're planning on making another one this year also. :yayyay I...
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    MJ Starting a New Tour?!?!

    Can someone tell me if this is true? I'm about to faint! ::8-25-03stretcher: They said New Jersey... :faint
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    The new song w/ MJ in it, called Gangsta. Wonderful!!!:cloud9 :cloud9 :cloud9 The site has the download also! :mf_w00t2: GET IT!:mf_w00t2:
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    My Dear Goodness...

    :cryptic Wow...:rollin :rollin :rollin
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    The Little Girl in the Picture

    This is my first poem I posted here I hope you all like it. :D Do you know the little girl in the picture? The one wearing the sparkly pink shirt With lots of curly ponytails & bangs And she's only 7 years old She's making A's & B's And is one of the top students of her class And also...
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    I don\'t know if this is allowed, but I found some MJ PC Themes!

    I downloaded this MJ themes for my PC, & it's really nice to have your entire PC customized to talk & sing like MJ. :wub: I have several links: Bad Theme HIStory Theme MJ...
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    Michael getting Punk\'d?

    Who would love to see Michael getting Punk'd by Ashton Kutcher? Not in a bad way, buyt in a funny way. I just thought about it when I watched that vid of MJ cussin' at the police in the Rare MJ vid thread. What do you guys think? :wink
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    Rare MJ vids

    Here's one with MJ on the HIStory Tour, & I really believed that he was acting like me when I listen to Blood On The Dance Floor. :lol Here's one when he's talking about beatboxing to Tabloid Junkie. I never knew he did that. Here's this one when Michael is with these precious little kids...