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    Debate with teacher

    I was talking to my teacher recently, and somehow Michael popped up in there. Upon asking him what he thought of the case, he said he thought Michael was guilty. When I fought back with all the evidence against the accuser that Mike was innocent, my teacher had said something to the effect of...
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    I thought you'd like to all take about 14 minutes away from this scam sh!t and little Lego guys dancing to Thriller. This is an amazingly well done video, considering Lego people only move 4 can imagine my surprise for the dance scene. Yes, they DID do the whole damn...
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    I need black and white pics!

    Not Black OR White pics, but pictures of Michael that are in black and white. Either I suck at looking for pictures or there are so few good B&W pics... Please help! Thnx :D
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    I am DESPERATE for this pic!

    Does anyone have that pic from the Stranger in Moscow shoot (I think) and it's all blue, and he's standing straight and looking toward the bottom left corner? I've been looking for that pic for EVER and someone here is bound to have it...thx... :D