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    have you all been to

    did you all know she won a journalist of the year award 2 months ago? i mean, why isn't the media reporting all this? her website is really cool and she even gave a heartfelt speech at an all-black church to give mj another chance. the...
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    my jordan chandler dream...

    i once had this dream awhile back of mj in some type of hospital bed. i was sitting by him and we were both watching the tv. and jordan chandler was on oprah telling her the truth about the 93 case. he said in a very loud and blunt tone 'michael jackson NEVER molested me.' oprah looked really...
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    prepare to drool!!! now is he hot or what!!!:licklips
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    **name that tune!!**

    :lol ok, ok, i have a lot of free time on my hands...but i thought of another game. let's come up with the first line of an mj song and the next person has to guess it. it can be any song in mike's career...but it has to be a song known worldwide. for examp. not a song released in a certain...
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    any new news on the nobel peace prize??

    or is it just a rumor? i read somewhere that mj was nominated twice...anyone else know more about it? in america, there's no mention of it...:uh_uh: if it's true does anyone know when theyll announce the winner? thanks!:bowdown
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    ladies, eat your heart out!!! now is michael downright HOTTT!!! :D this poster was soooo popular back in 83. i think every teen girl had this poster.
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    any justin timberlake fans?

    i lovvve his album!! i think he's really talented...once i move to the mainland i wanna check out his show. i hear he's gonna be in vegas later this year...anyone else like him??:mf_w00t2:
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    i have an idea for a mj game...:59: let's think of a mj song title that coresponds with the if you come onto a hard letter, a mj compliment will be fine. i'll go first: A-ABC :lol *i know, i know, too easy...*
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    about the new album...

    does anyone know when it'll be out?? gosh, here in america there's no mention of it.:(
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    what is \'big brother?\'

    i've read thru the net that jermaine is on a british show, could anyone explain what kind of show that is? is like the real world on mtv? also is that the title?:8-25-03helpsmilie:
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    hi everyone!!

    i'm new to the board, but i've also been a poster on other mj fan sites. glad to see many mj fans. i've been a fan since the off the wall album...i first saw mj on american bandstand via the rock with you vid and have been hooked ever's everyone doing?:8-26-03fruits_apple
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    hi everyone!!

    i'm from another mj website...but i must say, it's very refreshing to see site focusing on the good things about michael jackson.. you guys can also call me carol...but i'm so glad to see so many proud and faithful mj fans!! look forward to future chats!!! :thumbsup