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    Rebbie Was Stuuning

    Rebbie Jackson was absolutly stunning on The View today! She handle herself with so much grace! I cannot get over how much Rebbie & Janet look a like it is uncanny! All the Jackson women to so softly and properly and I love that about them. God Bless her! :)
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    John Dye Has Died on January 10th 2011

    John Dye, costar of the long-running TV series "Touched by an Angel," was found dead Monday in his San Francisco home, a medical examiner's spokesman said Thursday. Though the cause of death wasn't official, relatives said the actor died of heart failure. "I like the role because death isn't...
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    Prayer request...

    I have a prayer request. Would everyone please prayer for my Brother In Law Charles. He is leaving for Afghanistan today and will be gone for a year. Thanks to everyone who reads this.
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    Fallen in love with the song "Why"

    I have just discovered this song and his nephews, omg what a beautiful song and such beautiful young men! Where have I been? LOL
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    What is your favorite song from "Michael"

    If you bought the "Michael" album what is your FAVORITE song? My favorite song is Monster
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    Fanatic About "Michael" - My Review

    I have been a loyal fan of Michael Jackson since I was two years old. When he passed away on June 25, 2009 I was devastated. I thought that the time for NEW Michael music was over, but I was so wrong. Addressing the issue that this is not Michael Jackson singing I now 100 percent believe that...
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    Picture too large

    Whisper, I tried to add a photo of me to my profile and it said if it was to large image scale would scale ot down for me, but it didn't what can I do?
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    I'm a little disappointed now

    Okay I do not want to be a downer on the NEW Michael Jackson VISION box set, however why is the short film "GHOSTS" and and "Smooth Criminal" cut short?? One of the reasons I bought this was to be able to see "GHOSTS" in clearity for the first time. What a major downer. :( You can read the...
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    "Michael" Controversy...

    Hello MJEOL'ers, I know it has been quite awhile for me to be here once again, however I have finished College and will graduate in May!!!! I wanted to talk to you guys about the "Michael" controversy. I have heard so many things that I don't even know where to begin so I will start at the...
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    The Lost Children (MJ Related)

    Hey Everyone, I am sitting here and listening to my Ipod and Michael's song "The Lost Children" started playing and I could not help but notice the two children speaking at the very end of the song the little boy says "Look at all the trees" and the little girl says "And all the lovely flowers"...
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    Please tell me this is not true...

    Hey MJEOLers, Please tell me this is not true, one of my best friends was telling me that because Forrest Lawn opened up a space for the fans to leave flowers etc at his resting place. Now I've heard that fans are going as far as to hide in the bushes and write things on his tomb. Please tell me...
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    The Song "Little Susie"

    Hi MJEOLers, I know that this is going to sound odd but I was listening to the second disc of Michael's HIStory album, and the song "Little Susie" really got to me so much so that I got teary eyed listening to it. I know at that time Michael was telling His Story, but where do you all think...
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    Can you all...

    Hey MJEOLers, Can you all see my avatar/blend? I have one in my avatar and signature sections, however when I post on topic I can't see them. Can you all?
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    Jermaine Jackson still wants Michael to be moved...

    Hey MJEOLer's, Did you all see the Larry King Live interview that Jermaine did and it aired on the 25th I think. I know the man is still greiving over the loss of his Brother, however he told Larry that he wants Michael's remains moved to Neverland. I just do not understand why Jermaine does...
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    I have an Avatar/Blend request

    Hey MJEOLers, I would like to request a new avatar & blend request in honor of Michael's passing. Here is the hard part is that I do not know what photos I would like to use except I would like pics from the Bad or Dangerous era, or maybe both. The one thing I am sure of though is the text, I...
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    Arguementation Speech (MJ Related)

    Hey Everyone, I know it has been awhile since I've been here, the truth is I need your help. I have a Arguementation I need to write in a few weeks (well it's more like an outline) and I'm going to do my speech on the 1993/2004 allegations against Michael. So I was just wondering if my fellow MJ...
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    Hey Everyone, I put this in the off topic section but if someone wants to move it you can. Does anyone have Orianthi' debut album called "Believe" If anyone is wondering who she is she was the guitarist for Michael's TII! I just wanted to start a topic on her because not only is she a kick ass...
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    I NEED To Vent!

    Hey Everyone, I'm sitting here in my living room and I decided to come to the forum and vent if that is okay with everyone? I was in my room watching Nancy Grace (I normally don't) but I wanted to see her reaction to Dr. Murray getting charged with only involintary manslaughter and boy she was...
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    Who Would I Need To Email?

    Hey Everyone, I was just wondering something. My sister sent me a video of Michael performing Dirty Diana from a BAD era concert and it was so totally HOT! My question is who would I need to email to try to get Michael's other concerts released?
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    Michael Jackson\'s Family Dynisty

    Hey Everyone, How is everyone doing? I just had a question,. I recorded the Michael Jackson's Family Dynisty and I was watching it and they said that there was kind of a rivalry thing between Michael & Jermaine, and they said that back in the 80's that Jermaine had written a song about Michael...