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    Does anyone have court pics from today?

    Hey, i've been trying to look for some court pics from today's hearing! the victory one, mwhahahaha! GO MICHAEL!!!! :D NOT GUILTY BABY! okay, seriously, anyone?
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    Behold...Le blend made by both me and megan!

    isnt it prettyful? oh yes... lol. Me and Megan (Tortured Soul) made this tonight and yep that's about it lol... C O M M E N T!!!
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    [__Brenna\'s Gráfica versión tres__]

    K, it's time for a fresh new start with a new cool name, and best part, NEW GRAPHICS all made by me :D aren't you just so excited?! Anyway, I wanna make some rules for this thread because of what has happened on some other forums. 1. No stealing ANY of my graphics, or I will hunt you down...