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    Clarity - Graphics

    ....Guess who's back? lol I haven't been here in a while (bad me) and I've spent like all after noon catching up on a lot of things on here and Monica said I should try a graphics thread again to start posting so here I am! Everything I'll be posting is brand spanking new :D so to kick it off ...
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    Vector Tutorial

    Does anyone know where I could find a vector tutorial for Paintshop Pro? I can't seem to find any good ones for it. :D
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    Photoshop CS

    For people with PS CS I kinda need some with with somethings. I just got it today and I was wondering if there was a way on it to enlarge a photo and still make it high quality? 'Cause every time I make a photo bigger it becomes blurry. greatly appreciated :D
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    The Outcome of Boredom

    I haven't have a graphic's thread in a while mainly 'cause I stopped making blends to work on my site but Im back at it so gere it goooose: ^^ slow burn regular ^^ slow burn colorize ^^ animated siggy for my site ^^ this was for my site to but I decided that I didn't want it as...