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    Random thoughts and feeling thread

    I decided to start this thread here,being that there is one on kop and i really enjoyed that thread, so I decided to start one here aswell...a copycat so to speak. Feel free to post randon thoughts and feelings here! :announce I'll start! Vibin and jammin to Missy get yo freak on...thinkin...
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    mj to make reality tv come back (DENIED by Raymone Bain)

    I dont know if this is true or not but i've heard that mike is going to be a judge on the british reality tv show The X Factor, has anyone else heard about this. The show airs in early december i believe:unsure: correct me if im wrong, whats the deal with the album thats SUPPOSE to come out the...
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    fav childhood movie songs!

    Now that I am officially a mom, I know that I am going to be watching and buying alot of cartoons for my daughter. I'm looking forward to it because I'm somewhat of a big kid, but I thought this would be a fun thread...and of course a walk down memory lane. What are some of your favorite...
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    Prayers please.

    There is a friend of mine and a member here (don't want to say the name) who has just lost her mother a couple of days ago. As anyone can imagine this is a very difficult time for her and I'm just asking that you all pray for her and show some support for my girl. I'm not sure if I should say...
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    Ur celebrity look alikes

    Who are some of the celebs that people tell u u resemble? Me of course: My celeb look alike: what do u guys think lol. At first I didnt see it, but i can kinda see how i resemble Selena, and it is an honor to have people tell me i look like her.:D
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    Beyonce falls face first on stage on B\'day tour! lol

    I love Beyonce, but this is too funny i had to share in case you guys havent seen it. I knew them wild moves were dangerous! :rollin
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    RIP Tammy Faye

    I'm really bummed out about the death of Tammy Faye. As u all may know she passed away from cancer yesterday. Most of u may remember her from The Surreal Life
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    funny celebrity moments pix and clips!

    I thought this would be fun and im always looking for a good laugh. if u have any funny celebrity clips and pictures please post here! Here's one i found of James Brown. He was clearly out of it here! We miss and love u James! (RIP) :lol :rollin :rollin
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    Beyonce \'irreplaceable\' -Bush (video)

    :lol This is something i found on youtube.... TOO FUNNY!! Just thought i'd share...sorry to all my Bush lovers
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    chris brown perfoms michaels hits

    i dont know if this has been posted before...but i love it. Chris had michael down pack!
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    got a myspace?

    i was wondering r there any memeber here that have myspace? i thought it would be alternative source to communicate with eachother. im on nearly everyday. my address is request an add...and please share so i can add u too!:)
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    TOO FUNNY: Thriller in legos!

    This has to be the cutes thing ive seen in a while::lol
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    recent video footage?

    does anyone have any VIDEO footage they can share of MJ accepting his award in Japan?:)
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    another question!

    Sorry guys, I know I've been asking u all alot of questions lately... but just curious... Mself and another MJ friend of mine were wondering... do you think that paying $290 for a MJ event that lasts 3 days, which includes dinner, ur room and board, transportation a night out at a hip club...
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    Booking an MJ impersonator?

    Does anyone know how much it cost to book an MJ impersonator for a party or something? Has anyone ever tried? It would really help if someone could let me know. Or if there's anyone out there that does MJ impersonations as far as singing, dance and so forth, can u let me know and could we...
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    Question about the Heal The World Fondation...

    Is the Heal The World Fondation still up and running or what? Can someone tell me please! I have very important business going on and I need to know as soon as possible. Thanks guy!:8-26-03respect:
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    what happened to PMing??

    What happened to the personal message feature of the forum? It's alot harder to keep in contact with MJ friends now that that feature is gone....
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    funny quotes about MJ by other celebs!

    Just for fun! :D Will Smith [When asked if Michael plays an Alien in MIB2]: (Laughs) Listen, Michael Jackson is really funny. To have time to spend with him and actually be around him he's not what, what people think he is. Michael Jackson; Michael Jackson's like a black belt too, so he will...
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    MJ & ur Mood

    What album do you listen to when: I feel Angry: I feel Happy: I feel Alone: I feel Sad: I feel Energetic: I feel Sexy: My list: I feel Angry:HIStory I feel Happy: OFF THE WALL I feel Alone: MJ Love songs I feel Sad:The Essential Michael Jackson disk 1 and 4! I feel Energetic: BAD! I feel...