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    Layouts - which programmes do you use?

    Hey guys! Just bein' curious here... :sneak which programmes do you use to make layuts for your graphic websites? I mean, do you make the base for it on PhotoShop/PaintShop Pro 8 and then use a proper layout programme to convert it so it works orrr...what? It's just I'm thinking of making a...
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    Gwen Stefani Themes - Which One Should I Use?

    I have made myself three Gwen Stefani themes to use on MJEOL, but I like them all the same and I can't decide which one to use - can you guys help me, please? #1 #2 #3
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    *^*^*my Gr^ph!x*^*^*

    Here is the work that I have made since I last updated my old Graphix thread! :biglaugh: A couple of themes that anyone can use if they wish:
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    Adele\'s Mjeol Tutorials 2: Transparencies

    MJEOL TUTORIAL - HOW TO MAKE TRANSPARENT IMAGES By Adele Heyes 1. First of all, open the blend that you want to make ‘transparent’ and create a transparent base of the same size. 2. Go to the Selection tool in the toolbar and choose the ‘Shape’ option. For mine, I usually choose ‘Rounded...
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    Adele\'s Mjeol Tutorials 1: Colourising With Gradients

    I thought I would post the tutorials that I have made up in here so it is easier for me to upload them and easier for you guys so that everyone can see them when they wish and not having to ask me for them individually... MJEOL TUTORIAL FOR GRADIENT COLOURISATION By Adele Heyes 1. Open the...