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    I Call it Bliss is back!

    Hey guys! I Call it Bliss (my portfolio site) is finally back with all new stuff! Please go check it out and tell me what you think! thanks to Lucy a million times for being the most patient person I know! :)
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    I Call it Bliss

    heyyyy guys! I just put my new portfolio up...hosted by the GOooosey Loosay! so go check it out and tell me what you think! :)
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    Made In Love!

    hey everyone! I have created a new blend challenge site! Please tell me what you think, enter the challenges, and spread the word! (i'm also looking for affiliates and partners! ;) ) challenges: ch01: Viggo Mortensen (reg) ch02: Your Favorite Movie (special) ch03: French and Famous (colour)...
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    My New Drawing.

    yay for Lani art! I did this drawing in 10 minutes (seriously, it was an excersize) so i realize it looks like shit if someone said they had been working on it for 6 hours. but i was proud because i finished in 10 minutes!! lol so here it is: whatcha think?
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    Pia Blends Winners :: New Challenges Up

    hey everyone! Pretty in Angora blends winners, new layout, and new challenges are all up! go check it out! and congratulations all winners! and i wanna see tonnnnnsss of entries this time around! :) there are so many talented blenders out there! take a chance, everyone gets an award! lol...
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    Mountain of Minge

    excuse the queer title, but to all who haven't visited mine or loosey's thread, we have matching blends called: Variation on a Theme: ORRH!! ^^Lucy's ^^Mine! LMAO!!
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    uploading brushes

    hey there kickers! i was curious as to if anyone knew how to upload brushes you made to the internet? because i made a set and i'm just curious as to how i would go about doing it. thanks in advance :)
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    Pretty In Angora Blends Winners Up!

    hey everyone! the winners of last times contests, and new challenges are now up! Along with a hot new layout (major props to Emma who helped me out a ton!) Check it out! Congratulations all winners! And I excpect to see a lot more entries from all you MJEOL-ers! Pretty in Angora Blends
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    My new Graphic Challenge Website...

    Okay...well it started off as a personal site...but that got boring, and I'll probably continue that later on. But I decided that I really like hosting blend challenges and maybe I should use HTML on that... hens, i did. lol everyone check it out please! And enter the contests! I know ya'll...
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    what happened to the blend challenges?

    i was just curious as to what happened to the blend contests that we had at the old forum? does anyone want to start a new one? or is one going on i just dont know about?
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    [_Lani\'s Graphics_]

    i had to make it look cool, because everyone else made theres funky looking. anhow, here are some newer ones. colourized. colourized. colourized. avvy to match the signature. another icon...for something. lol that's it! more later!