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    Dangerous live in Bucharest Appreciation thread!

    Ok so i know im always the one to make the Dangerous threads lol, but i was watching this concert again today, and i have to say that 14 years on, it still gives me goosebumps, it still makes me cry, and it stil remains the best concert ive ever seen!!! :8-26-03respect: God damn i miss those...
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    can anyone help?

    i need a blend made by tuesday... can anyone help me???? :P
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    I was just watching this, and my god it is so magical! I know the History tour had the gold pants... :lol: but nothing compares to the dangerous tour for me! I cry almost every time i watch it.... partly because i never got to see it live as i was too young. His stage entrance through the floor...
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    my dream about Michael last night

    i hardly ever dream about Michael, which is wierd, but last night i had such a vivid dream about him, it was so lovely and i woke up this morning wishing so much that it would come true. I was at his concert and i managed to sneak backstage, i found all his stage costumes hanging up, and i found...
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    Juror attends MJ celebration party

    JACKSON FAMILY AND FANS CELEBRATE Party happened on Friday night Members of the Jackson family and about 500 fans celebrated Michael's acquittal on Friday night with a party held at the Chumash Casino Resort in Santa Ynez. Tito Jackson performed, while sister Janet and Mother Katherine...
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    sneddons making his mouth go again!

    doesnt he know when to quit?? :extremely Jacko 'could be a danger' - Sneddon Michael Jackson's prosecutors still believe the pop star could be a danger to children, despite his acquittal on charges of molesting a boy. Santa Barbara County District Attorney Tom Sneddon and his two deputies...
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    such appropriate lyrics right now!!!! :tooexcite
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    Not Guilty Verdict Sparks Media Meltdown — MJEOL Bullet #274

    thanks whisper, thats a brilliant article!!!
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    need a blend

    would anyone be willing to make a megadeth blend for me? Id provide the pics and words id like on there..... id be so grateful if anyone could. Please let me know and i will pm you the details. thankyou sooo much.
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    Listening to dangerous

    I havent played michaels music for a while cos i just get upset what with the case and everything. I decided to play dangerous today and it really brought tears to my eyes. The dangerous era is my fav and it just sent me back to thinking about how amazing things were then.... It breaks my heart...
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    public opinion changing?

    i just wanted to know everyones experiences... as recently ive found that everyone i talk too seem to suddenly think michael is innocent, where before they were convinced of his guilt. One of my friends at Uni has always said to me she was unsure of his innocence, but tonight she sent me a txt...
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    some great words

    got this from MJNI...thought it was really cool! trying to make the fans feel more positive! wanted to share it with ya all! :D
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    please please can u update my post count from the last forum... it was 10,400 i think.
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    mudslide in santa barbra

    i hope mike is ok :( article
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    finding it hard...

    i have been real strong since all this allegations shit..i mean the first few weeks were hell but then i learnt to deal with it... im my own way. But the last week or so, ive been watching the dangerous in bucharest concert and its been making me cry so much, just watching it and remembering...
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    need a hugeee favour

    i know there are some extremely talented blenders here and i was wondering if anyone would be prepared to make me a blend?? we are making a book from all the fans for dave mustaines birthday and we all get our own page for pics, msgs etc. id like to include a blend in my page with a happy...