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    Happy Birthday Paris!

    :bdaycake Happy Birthday Paris! Welcome to womanhood. I wish you all the best, love you.
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    Happy Birthday Blanket

    :apple Have a great day cutie pie, enjoy being a kid while you still can :bdaycake
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    Happy Birthday Prince Jackson!

    Prince, hope you have a wonderful day. You're growing into a fine young man. Live by your father's example and be true to yourself :bdaycake
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    Happy Birthday Tara (InspirationMoonwalks)

    Happy birthday to my good friend Tara (InspirationMoonwalks) Have an awesome day girl and best wishes to you :bdaycake
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    This is what I get for speaking up!

    So I found out that the 'Jackson Family Dynasty' producer Jodi Gomes was posting pics of MJ's kids on her FB and tagging them. I was really angry so I sent her an email saying that the kids deserve their privacy. She replied with a very nasty email. saying that she spends as much time with them...
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    Had to say this

    I'm sick and tired of all the fan fighting I've been seeing.Not on here, but other sites. Seems there's a lot of tension going on with Karen Faye, TINI and other fans, and I'm sick of it. It just makes me hurt and confused. Michael would hate seeing his fans against each other. I will not take...
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    Happy 13th Birthday Prince!

    Wow, our sweet little boy is growing up! Prince, you're now the same age as I was when you were born. Hope you have a wonderful day. I know it will be hard, but remember that daddy loved you and will always watch over you and your siblings. Have a great day!:birthday6
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    \'Two Birds\' from Dancing the Dream

    I was just re-reading 'Dancing the Dream' recently, and I read the poem 'Two Birds' and for the first time, it felt Michael was talking right to me. It felt like he wrote this poem for me. That's what I always loved about him. He knew how to connect to all of us. 'Two Birds' It's hard to tell...
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    Happy New Year

    Hey everyone! I know I haven't been around as much, hopefully that will change now in 2010.I hope everyone has a great new year and all the best wishes. Love ya:wub:
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    Dr. Murray Returns to Work

    (23-11-2009) Conrad Murray... the infamous physician who administered the fatal injection of the drug propofol to Michael Jackson and then left his patient's bedside to go to the bathroom and make a few calls... is set to resume office hours on Monday at the Armstrong Medical Clinic, located on...
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    Hi Everyone

    Hey MJEOL, sorry I haven't been around much lately. You can understand I'm still deeply angry and upset about MJ's death. I feel so frustrated that there are no answers to what happened and there so many different stories. I just want the damn truth! Also I worry about Michael's kids. I don't...
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    An odd dream with MJ

    I'm walking out of my old elementary school, and I'm heading home and it's dark. I notice this shadow behind me and I can tell it's MJ (who can mistake his silhouette?) I didn't see his face, but I turned around and asked 'Why are you following me?' Michael said something like, 'I'm making sure...
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    AEG Hiding the truth?

    I've been hearing a lot of stories from fan witnesses that Michael was in really bad shape during his rehearsals and that this autopsy report is a cover up by AEG so they don't get bad promotion for their movie. This really upsets me. I just want to know what the truth is. I really do believe...
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    \'I always knew\'

    From the very beginning I always knew that you would leave me so soon. no reason or explanation why I saw in you something that was not of this earth, beyond what anyone could understand That's why I always knew you would leave me so soon. Why did you make me fall for you then? If you were...
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    My Latest Drawing

    I'm very proud of this one
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    Know I\'m not the only one upset by this

    Sorry if I'm still a bit emotional from the burial last night, but I'm angry that fans will not be allowed to visit Michael's resting place.We loved him too, and we should be able to pay our respects. I understand the need for security and all, but still it seems unfair. Do you really think...
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    3 Neverland Rides to be featured at the California State Fair

    I just came across this. Great that people can share his memory with these rides
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    Sketch that I did: MJ as an Angel

    I did this sketch after his passing
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    I think MJ\'s Spirit Visited Me

    I swear, since the day that he died, early in the morning when I'm not quite awake yet, I feel a hand on me, and something is being whispered in my ear.The other night, I swear to God, a finger poked me a few times and I really felt it, then I was being tickled, and I laughed out loud! You can...
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    My Poem in Memory of MJ

    It was that hot June afternoon when I faced my worst doom everyone told me you were gone and I could only wonder what went wrong Are you still here? Do you hear what I say? Will you still stay with me each day? At night, when I cry, will you sing me to sleep and tell me everything's ok, until...