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    Marc Terenzi covering Billie Jean!!! :unsure:
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    Hold my hand

    So? Are you?
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    Socially disadvantaged children

    I got a question for you guys: Do you think that socially disadvantaged children have a change to change their fate? :unsure: When I talk about "socially disadvantaged" I don't mean children whose families are poor. I mean those kids who lived in families where they were abused...
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    Janet having problems with her record label?

    I had the pleasure of interviewing Janet Jackson yesterday as part of a teleconference with a select few fellow bloggers... And I'm sorry to tell you guys this but it's looking like the label is not planning to allow any more singles from Discipline to be released. Here's what Janet had to say...
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    European Football Championship

    Anyone interested? Here's the Final tournament scheduleSaturday 7 June 2008 1 Grp A Switzerland 0-1 Czech Republic Basel - St. Jakob-Park 2 Grp A Portugal 2-0 Turkey Geneva - Stade de Genève Sunday 8 June 2008 3 Grp B Austria 18:00 Croatia Vienna - Ernst Happel 4 Grp B Germany 20:45...
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    MJ at Bday Party

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    Facial hair

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    I\'ve got three hairs on my chest I\'m a bear...:P

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    Jackson Family Appreciation thread

    Okay, I came to the conclusion that this site is still missing a thread like this. I wonder why we don't have one yet:idontknow There are soooo many Jackson out there to enjoy:8-26-03fruits_apple ... Janet:wub: , Jermaine, Jackie:wub: , Marlon, Tito, Randy, LaToya and Rebbie . Let alone...
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    Article about MIchael in Germany\'s biggest youth magazine \"Bravo\"

    Hey there! I thought I'd share this with you. Michael made it back into Germany's biggest youth magazine....two posters in two weeks which means that there was a poster in every edition the past weeks.:8-26-03respect: I'll post the article and the poster that was in "Bravo HipHop":blink: (why...
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    the \"I got TGIM and Thriller 25\" Thread

    I got two versions of TGIM and one Thriller 25. I am happy. Thriller 25 is really cool. It's like a book.:wub: :8-26-03respect: I like the demo or TGIM best. Besides For all time :cloud9
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    4evermjj\'s thread

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    New pictures of Michael, Prince, Paris and Blanket

    [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] oh yeah, mysti, I hope you are happy with the size of those pictures. I did my best :lol
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    Michael\'s behind

    Well, since V said that I could open another thread to drool....:lol Post pics of Mikkas delicious behind!:licklips
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    Belly Button

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    My funny MJ Dream, so unlikely, but...

    Hey, I once dreamt, well it's not that long ago, that I met Michael. Well, who hasn't you might ask. Okay, so there was a friend with me who thought it would be fun to tell Michael that I am all over him. You know, I actually think he is the sexiest man alive:wub: And then, to top it all off...