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    Seany Goes MAD! - An extraordinary tribute!!!

    Hey y'all. This is Romi and I wanted to post this Info about our Beloved Seany. This was posted on MJJC on April and by now he has accomplished his goal. Read this and watch the video(Its on facebook) And when a Youtube vid is available I'll post it on here...So ENJOY! :D...
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    MJJCommunity Song for Haiti Quake Victims & Survivors

    Hello My fellow MJEOLers...This is Romi and I have IMPORTANT News! Fans/members of MJJC are doing this AMAZING Tribute song for Haiti Disaster. The Message Is here...This is A GREAT Way to keep Michael's Legacy Alive... Please Support it by Spreading the word...and If you have any thing to...
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    NEW SITE: Please support...L.O.V.E.

    Hey y'all. I want to introduce you to a NEW site *Love for the Jackson family*...It is to show how we appreciate them admire them...All 3 Generations of The Jackson family. They've rocked us...and they're gonna keep rocking us... vDvckrGp_sY SITE: PLEASE Join and share the love...CLICK HERE...
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    Michael Is in London????

    I dont know if there is a thread already 4 this...but if there's one sorry...I got Excited!!! I was on FB, when one of my buddies said "Michael is in London"! and said "M8 mine saw him at gatwick"... THIS IS IT! Y'all!:smilie_mjistheking:disco Get ready to JAM Yall.:D
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    NEW Youtube MJPROJECT Group!!!

    Hey gys. There is A New YOUTUBE MJGroup that my friendMJLUVDreams Founded and WE Want ALL MJ Fans to participat in this Group!!! Go to the Page and Sbuscribe And you will get all the info. what we're trying to do On the Page!!! If you Have LOVE for Michael, Join the group!!! We need As much...
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    Ethiopian Millinium...MJ related...PLEASE READ

    Hey guys, well Here's the thing, The Ethiopian Millenium was on September 11th/12th and it was said that it would be celebrated all year round. Black eye pice were there...and It was said that Beyonce will be there(but ppl. said it was false) and on October 20th, she performed In ADDIS ABEBA...
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    The Black Eye P... @ the Ethiopian Mellinium(Will.I.AM)

    The Black eye P...were in Ethiopia on Sept. 12th and its AWSOME of them!!! here is the Link: Awsome!!! :wild:
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    News about the Ethiopian Millinium!!! Hmmmmmm

    I got this article from THIS site Well, The Celebration is A year Long celebration :mf_w00t2: ...Michael might go there maybe nxt year????? :blink: since its a year long.... I can Only hope... :unsure:
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    Fall OUT BOY VMA!, Michael\'s Beat IT!!!

    I thought this was real Awsome OF THEM!!! And every1 in there knew it!!!:D FALL OUT BOY VMA What do u gys. think!!!:D
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    Michael @ the Ethiopian MELLINIUM?

    Link: Click Here I know this is like a 2 month old news...but what do u gys think??? Is he gonna be there??? He'll be the VIP gustes!!!!!
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    REQ:Dangerous live edited 3minutes

    Please any one who can help me:( , i need Dangerous live and it has to be 3:00min. i have 3:50. .. So if you can edit and post it here or PM me, I would appriciate it so much... I need it by this Weekend... i have a show in my school and i was told that i couldnt stay on the stage for over...
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    Hey you guys… this is Tnia (earthlyme)… I don’t know if yall gonna help me or not but I have a favor to ask you… I hope YOU CAN HELP ME!!!!!!!! You see I have this thing called Cultural Festival in my school and I’m gonna participate in it. I’m doing Michael Jackson’s DENGEROUS… the thing is...
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    Brother tells newspaper Michael Jackson likely to convert to Islam

    Hey, gys. I was surffing the internet when i found this... dont know if its true or not :unsure: :blink:
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    *SHOCKED* Rolling Stone Magazine Have Gone Too Far This Time...

    Hey, gys. got this from MJNO and its pretty crule... What do they think they're doing :ohnoyoudidnt WTH:8-26-03ranting:
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    Reminiscing a little

    Hey, gys. I’m Tnia(earthlyme):D and i just wanted to get to know everyone here more... so i have 2 questions 4 YOU!!! 1.When did you get Your Michael Jackson CD, and what era was it? 2.How was your reaction…. Well, I got my first CD, in 2003, and it was the # Ones… It was my birthday and my mom...
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    Michael rejected for courtside seats to the NBA game in Vegas?

    MJ has been denied courtside seats for this weekends NBA All-Star Basketball game in Vegas. Here's the article: Michael Jackson Relegated to Cheap Seats for NBA All-Star Game Where: Las Vegas, NV, United States 2/15/2007 at 9:00 AM Tags: Celeb Travel, Public Transportation (all tags) If...
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    Confirmed Access Hollywood | Michael Jackson Addresses \'Idol\' Rumors

    Michael Jackson Addresses 'Idol' Rumors LOS ANGELES (February 15, 2007) -- Simon, Randy and Paula have had some big names in the "Idol" guest judge chair over the years. But it looks like the King of Pop won't be sitting in to rate wannabe singers anytime soon. Contrary to rumors, Michael...
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    REQ: \"WE\'ve had Enough\" INSTRUMENTAL!!!

    HELOO Everyone, I have this BIG AUDITION (OAKTON IDOL) In my school in 2 weex, and I need it soooo... bad.:( Please if you have it or know a site that has it, PLEASE Let me know. ITs my last year in High School and i want to blow the judjes (from HOT99.5) minds away :D Thank you gys. soooo...