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    Christina Aguilera Pregnant!

    Christina Aguilera pregnant Amy Harris July 04, 2007 12:00am AFTER weeks of speculation, it has been confirmed that five-time Grammy winner Christina Aguilera and her record executive husband Jordan Bratman are expecting their first child together. The confirmation comes just nine days out from...
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    Statement From Michael Jackson

    Mr. Jackson has asked that I release the following statement on his behalf. Please feel free to share it with other fan sites. Thank you. Raymone K. Bain To My Fans Throughout the World: Thank you so very much for your cards, letters and acts of kindness in celebration of my birthday. You...
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    Civil Suit Filed Against Martin Bashir!!!

    On August 23, 2005, attorneys for Jackson filed suit in a civil case against journalist Martin Bashir. Bashir, 34, who is mostly known for the Diana, Princess of Wales interview, and his more recent "Living with Michael Jackson," is accused of defrauding Jackson and harrassing staff at Marwell...
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    Any Janet Jackson Blends???

    Edit: Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any Janet Jackson blends that I might be able to use for my signiture??? I would really appreciate it and thanks in advance!!!
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    Hearing In Santa Maria

    Santa Maria Courthouse at 8:30 am Dept2: Sneddon and Sanger ( Or a lawyer from his office) went to court today to try and get Michael's things back. Mellville said NO! Said some of the stuff was contraband! This is from MJJforum and William Wagner. Mjjforum are now allowing Posts From Wagner...
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    Does Anyone Have This....

    Please don't get mad at me for requesting this and this might sound really wiered, but I'm very curious about that part of the LWMJ documentary where Michael talks about something sexual that happened between him and Tatum O' Neal and he wussed out of it at the last minute. I've only seen...
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    OMG U Have To Read This....

    I am soooo shocked by this and you will be too. Read this:
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    Insider Will Wagner Has Dirt On Sneddon & Co.

    Go to this link and read this!!!!!!
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    Petition websites for Malicious Prosecution and removal of DisGrace and Dimond

    Petition for Investigation of Malicious Prosecution of Michael Joe Jackson by Santa Barbara DA office Here's another one: Petition for the removal of Diane Dimond and Nancy Grace from the air...
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    Pics Of Mike Kissing Blonde Girl???

    Hi, I remember reading something on another forum a few weeks ago about Michael kissing some blonde girl at a concert on his History Tour. Actually it was a video of it but my computer is not able to play it. This might sound like a REALLY weired request but I was wondering if anyone could...
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    My Thread Of MJ Pics!!!!!!

    OK here are some that I've found!!!! I think that guy is Quincy Jones(not sure) With young Janet Another pic of Mike and Quincy Jones With Bill Bray With Eddy Murphy at the 1989 AMAs(I think Mike looks really good in this one) In the hospital when he got burned during that Pepsi...
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    Sunday: Michael Jackson Treated In Emergency Room

    Michael Jackson treated in emergency room pic of Mike entering the hospital: SOLVANG, Calif. (AP) – Michael Jackson was taken to an emergency room Sunday for treatment of a back problem that has plagued him throughout his molestation trial, a spokeswoman said. Jackson, accompanied by a...
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    Larry King Tonight: Jermaine and Tito!!!!

    Airs: 9-10 p.m. ET Nightly Tonight's Show Sunday, June 5 As the jury weighs Michael Jackson's fate, his brothers Jermaine and Tito speak out in an exclusive interview with Larry. Source: Also.... TV ALERT! Mark Geragos talks to Larry...
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    Guess What I Have????!!!!!

    These are Tom Sneddon's and Diane Diamond's email adresses. Yes, they're real. I found them when someone posted them on MJNO and that person found them on MJNI. Enjoy. Diane Dimond ----> Tom Sneddon ---->
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    Poll: Do You think The Jurors Will Aquit Michael Jackson?

    Cool poll....thought I'd post it here. VOTE HERE!!!!
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    New MSNBC Poll

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    Michael admitted to hospital and released

    I heard it was reported on ABC. He was admitted for flu like symptoms. I just thought ya'll would like to know.
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    Interesting info on the jury deliberations...

    I know that you think that this should be in today's official thread but I really feel this should have it's own. There was a thread on MJNO about predictions on how long the jury will deliberate and what thier virdict will be and the admin., Wendy2004 said something that you should probably...
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    I think this pretty much says it all....

    There was alot of chaios on MJNO about what happened today at court with the judge changing that alchahol charge. But Wendy2004 from that forum posted something that I think sums this whole case up and I really think it's important. Wendy2004 @ MJNO: Guys, it's not a new charge. A couple of...
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    This is a sad article...

    As abuse trial nears end, Jackson's dad tells his story BY ADAM NICHOLS DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER As the Michael Jackson trial draws to a close, the superstar's father tells for the first time how the accusations have devastated his family. In an emotional and sometimes moving interview...