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  1. J

    Hi to anyone that remembers me

    I just wanted to say hi to anyone that remembers me. I'm so sorry I couldn't be here before now. When I heard of Michael's death there was only one place I could have come during those first really dark days; but I've had no internet for the last two months - in fact the pc has been very sickly...
  2. J


    Hi All Those of you who know me know that I pop in and out of MJEOL regularly. Tonight I am popping in, and I'm afraid I'm not as happy to be here as I usually am. I have looked over the forum, really expecting the reason for my visit to have already been reported here on MJEOL, but I've been...
  3. J

    Does anyone know how this woman comes to know Michael? found this website when browsing for pics; and there's a photo (which if you ask me is quite odd!) of Michael with this woman; and he's wearing only a bathrobe!! Does anybody know what her relationship is to Michael? I was a bit stunned by it; she's...
  4. J

    That sign!

    I wanted to ask you guys about that racist sign that was put up referring to Michael. Has it been taken down yet, does anyone know? Sorry for posting a new topic, but I couldn't find the thread!