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    videos that I have done-update on what's been happening while I've been gone one more on the way
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    long time no see

    hey guys kelly here, sorry i haven't been on in a while a lot has happened. My mother died in April of last year, it's been hard. I'm in a new relationship now, and I'm an aunt :)
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    How am I

    How am I People always ask me, “How are you?” I always say, “I’m fine.” But they can see that I’m not always telling the truth. I don’t always tell the truth, I have my reasons. I’m very picky when it comes to meeting people or knowing them. I’m a very private person, I only share my feeling...
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    I wonder

    I wonder I often wondered what happened to you. I thought you were the same person that I met in high school My, how things have changed, you’re not the same person that I knew in high school. There is something about you that scares the hell out of me. It’s the way you live your life and the...
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    Kelly\'s graphics thread*please feel free to use**

    Here I will post siggies and avvys that were made for me, please feel free to use them. You may have resize the avatars to meet the requirements for this forum.
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    Michael & Lisa Marie

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    Michael and his female fans

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    Your favorite pics-*Post \'em*

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    Video footage -Michael\'s 45th birthday party

    Here you will find footage from Michael's 45th birthday party from 2003. Window Media Video:
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    Are there any fans here of the deadman? I made this thread for all my fellow creatures of the night. Enjoy! :D Please feel free to post pics, news, and stories about the deadman.