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    Probably something really simple, but...

    I can't seem to post pictures anymore. I put the url inbetween the but it just comes up with the word 'image' Any ideas where I'm going wrong?
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    STICKY Fans please remain strong and ALIVE for Michael Jackson

    Sorry, have only come back to this thread as I am wallowing in grief again. Flicking through the tv and saw a Britain's Got Talent style competition with two Michael Jackson dancers, father and son. They were absolutely amazing and it made me so happy/sad at the same time to see the entire...
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    STICKY Fans please remain strong and ALIVE for Michael Jackson

    Today I couldn't stop thinking about Michael. I'm usually able to distract myself with a book or whatnot.. but nothing worked. For the first time I've put on the Bucharest Tour and it's been hard. You can see how he loves being on the stage and loves his fans but I agree with above, there are...
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    Just a cute lil video I found.. It's MJ related but kinda off topic :/ Move as you wish!
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    STICKY Fans please remain strong and ALIVE for Michael Jackson

    Reafu, that post could have been written about me. There are nice parts to my life, but they are nowhere near to balancing out the loss that I feel right now. I can completely relate to you, and I hope that things get better for you and quickly.
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    STICKY Fans please remain strong and ALIVE for Michael Jackson

    Like many of you I have thought, "well what is there to live for?" And I haven't really come up with a fantastic answer. As sad as I am, I couldn't take my own life over this. You have to think about others if you're this down.. I have a loving family, friends.. a newly born baby nephew.. I...
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    I Knew

    That first drive we took Your fingers drawing unfamiliar patterns on my thigh I could feel it Creeping up the inside of my leg Washing over my hips Curling to a fist around my heart Pulling me to you. Glancing at each other coyly, Missing each other by seconds. Not knowing where to look What to...
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    This is kinda first draft.. but i've had it for weeks and i can't seem to do anything else with it so... lol here it is. Please excuse grammar, spelling etc :) Specific look in his eyes Like a growl Instant contact Lips on lips, Hips on hips. Hands desperately clawing, grabbing, squeezing...
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    ..Acys 2nd Blend Thread..

    Seeing as my other thread got to over twenty pages I thought I'd make a new one :lol In other words, it was bugging me looking through loads of my crap just to get to the last page. (My internet's screwed and doesn't take me to the last post automatically) So! I'll just start this new thread...
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    You live your life in a rut Never changing, never adjusting Why is it always me That has to constantly change my life. A problem arises, I have to adjust A disagreement, I’m in the wrong You’re killing the person I am Making me snide, mean but needy. Why can’t you make a little change...
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    Kissing Me To Sleep

    Whispering words of love Telling of intent, the hushed giggle still playing in my ear. Lips sweeping across my skin Flower petals whirling with the leaves, dancing with the wind. Strong hands stroking my hair so gently, insistantly seeking my lips with his. Like a well practiced ballet Moving...
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    Everything I Ever Dreamed Of

    Lame title I know, but I've already used, "No title" and "No title.. again" haha Plus, I am almost certain I have posted this here before but I couldn't find it for some reason so... here it is! haha im not givin up on this love because you know i think the world of the way you are the way...
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    I wonder if I’d disappear Would people shout? Would people cheer? I feel like a spare, I’m in reserve. Forever second place But always wearing my brave face. Everything is fine. Constantly striving to do my best Almost in some kind of contest. Is it not obvious? Do people love people cus...
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    Blue Eyes

    I feel a little odd about posting this here.. but Krystle ordered me to and she scares me. =D For Paul.. Watching us in my head endlessly Every time I pause in the same place It's that moment, there, I guarantee Where my heart begins to race. Your lips are inches away from mine Eyelashes so...
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    Why does this follow me? Everywhere I go. I don't understand it, I don't want it. I get so down and low. Everything seems appealing. Razors, knives, broken glass.. No one to stop me now People around me just pass. The thin line Not going as deep as I want it. Trying again and again, It's been...
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    --- Do you expect me to watch this happen Without feeling entirely solitary? I'm watching how I want my life to be How it was when we were all close. Now all I've got is memories of when we went shopping, movies, chilled at yours. I know I'll never experience that again, but I'd rather that...
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    Animated Blends/avatars etc

    Does anyone here know of a good tutorial, or who can explain it to me reeeeeally easily :laugh how to make a blend with an animated bit in it? I have no idea how to go about it :) Thanks
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    :) Everyday you take my breath away wash my pain away why have things changed? Everyday you make me smile make my life worthwhile why doesn't it feel the same? You make me laugh, understand who i am inside. Let me show you the person that i fell in love with. Let me take you to a mirror...
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    I\'d Give Anything.

    Really personal poem about my gran and grandad. If you don't like, don't waste your breath. They wouldn't let me see you "No place for a child" I converted and prayed And I begged and I screamed. I've hated hospitals since. She depended so much on you. You waited on her hand and foot. The...