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    Akon- Cry out of Joy (Tribute)

    I didn't see this posted here and wasn't sure if anybody else has seen or heard this song. Just found it myself not five minutes ago. Thought I would share it with everyone.
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    Michael Jackson Dance??? I've played and beaten the game already has anybody else???
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    Thought I would give it a try

    I always try to draw, even if I'm not good at it.
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    Fanfic question

    I'm writing a fanfiction, involving Janet Jackson. In the fic her boyfriend is cheating on her, and I wish to pair her up with another woman, only I can't think of any woman should be with her. I would love any suggestions you have. I have one exception, no Beyonce Knowles, since she's the...
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    My Night at the Grammy\'s

    CBS is having a voting deal to vote for your favorite grammy memories...and Michael Jackson's 1988 performance is one of them. Just thought you would all like to know. Pass it on if you want. Here is the link.
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    New Song????!!!!

    This song sounds like him, but then again it don't.... The song is called, Mamacita, ppl everywhere are disagreeing saying that it's him or its not...I'm of course since i already found the song on could be a fake.... EvJTjtwf4Ng
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    alvin and the chipmunks

    has anyone seen the trailer for the movie yet..... i think i'm going to go and see ....
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    1-5 Untitled Poems

    1. So much pain for one so young, but what more can I say. Poetry is my expression, my only outlet for emotions. I love this pen and write to my hearts content. I can make my own world. A world only I can see, one I can share with others if I so chose.... 2. Waiting patiently for a love...
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    a bit on the wierd side

    Okay..... LOL... this is the wierdest dream I have ever had. Really... It started out with my friend Kris, who had a marching band and was leading them back and forth in front of my door with her own song she made, "I like pie." Well for some reason MJ was in my closet...????... I have no...
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    Live Earth

    Has anyone seen any of the concerts? I thought Madonna did an okay performance... yet that's just me ^_^ :P I didn't care for the Smashing Pumpkins.......oh well, they get who they can get.... has anyone taken a pledge for Live Earth? :8-26-03fruits_apple