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    why are the members list blocked?

    I must ask why is the members list blocked? I'd like to know.
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    Signatures (Made for members of MJNO)

    Here are ALOT of blends that i made for members on mjno, and my thread is still going strong :)
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    Jackson cuts ties with 2sea

    Michael Jackson: Leading the New Jack Swing revival?The pop megastar working with Teddy Riley Michael Jackson has parted ways with new record label Two Seas and collaborated with U.S. producer Teddy Riley, Sound Generator can report. Despite signing a new...
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    Michael Jackson Birthday Project!

    Michael Jackson’s Birthday Project. We all know that Jackson is celebrating his 48th Birthday on August 29. By that time, there’ll be a HUGE Michael Jackson Musical in London called Thriller — The MJ Musical, there’ll be thousands of attenders from all over the world that will attend the MJ...
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    Hey I rarely post here anymore but I just wanted to say that the visionary event in London was wicked man :P wow it was amazing, I loved the performances and the music and the people, it was great. The best performer were navi of course and I was so lucky having my picture taken with him, he was...