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    Michael talking about Studio 54

    I don't see the youtube video button, so I'll just post the link. He's soooooooo :wub: in this lovely video. Talks to interviewer about Studio 54, then greets Liza Minnelli who also has just arrived there. Michael about Studio 54
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    Rant: Impersonator shows MJ

    I need to rant a little. So there are two Belgian TV stations that are going to air impersonator shows; one is called My name is Michael, the other Move like Michael Jackson. The first one is singing and dancing, the other just dancing. What pisses me off: First of all, the two stations were...
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    Human Nature rehearsal TII

    Hey guys! Found this is on another forum. They showed a part of this on Oprah's show, I read, but this one's a bit longer. Great quality. Human nature rehearsal TII OMG :( He's just perfection :wub:
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    [OFFICIAL] Michael in London videos pg3,5,6,7,16,17; live brodcast info pg4

    Hey guys! Just read on the MJJBoard, that Michael is in London and will give a press conference Thursday ! Can't wait to hear what he'll say :D Here's the link : Yaaay!!! :yayyay