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    Michael Jackson Fined for Missed Hearing

    NEW ORLEANS - An irate judge, miffed by Michael Jackson's failure to have his lawyer show up for a hearing in a civil case, fined the singer $10,000 on Wednesday. ADVERTISEMENT Jackson was a no-show and had no lawyer present at a July hearing in the case accusing him of sexually...
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    All My Blends Thread

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    Phantom Blend

    I'm getting obsessed w/ making blends and here is my latest one!:
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    My War of the Worlds Blend

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    New to this...

    Hey I just made this blend..its the first one I ever made...could anyone tell me what I can do to make them look better and tips? here it is: thanks! -Sheri
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    What programs do you use?

    hey guys!...what kind of program do you guys use to make icons and blends, siggy, etc... ...i really want 2 get into the siggy maing craze..could u tell me what type of programs u use, & wut ones r the best? thanx! ~Sheri~
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    MJ\'s Shirt

    i was at downtown disney in orlando, FL...& i went in this shop full of autographed memorbilla...& i came across this shirt....the pic i took is kinda blurry...but it says that mj gave the shirt 2 some1 after the 2003 radio music awards & it was one of mj's fav shirts...only problem is, i cant...
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    Michael in Disney?

    hey, does anyone have pictures of mike in disney? i have some but not that much. :D
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    michael at disney?

    hi, does n e 1 have pics of mj in disney world or disney land?..i would love to see them
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    Hey I\'m new!

    hi everyone im new on here, i really like the forum its very cool! hehe :D