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    Bob Jones Passed away!

    Bob Jones Died. 23-09-'08 Last Saturday, Bob Jones passed away. He suffered a heart attack after returning from a bike ride. For many years Bob Jones ran the PR department of Motown. In 1987, he left the record label to work as Michael Jackson's publicist at MJJ Productions until 2004. Bob...
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    The man in the mirror, The biggest project on Youtube

    this is a documantery made by a fan named Bigdb2984 This is the biggest project on youtube all about michael. here is the link so that you can all watch it ;) The man in the mirror documantary
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    Frankie J Punk\'d with E\'casanova

    Frankie J gets punk'd by Michael Jackson Impersonator E'casanova watch it!
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    Ne-yo Talks about New Album From Jackson.

    Ne-Yo Talks About Working On New Album (7-22-08) In a recent interview with New York Magazine, singer Ne-Yo talks about working on Michael's new album. He confirmed his involvement saying, Yeah, Michael's putting together a new album, and I'm helping him out with it." According to...
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    Siggy\'s by MJlover01

    here are my siggy's that i made,, You can use them if you want ;) here they are: I think You have Enough Choise :P:P And tell what you think of them ofcourse ;) :D
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    MJ Album KING OF POP coming out on 29th august, but its a Greatest hits album :( source: (German)
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    now this is a story of mine im not gonna tell the whole story because it hurts to much, @ a moment my ex-boyfriend and i came on a point that we need each other, when it was all over at that time, so we where hanging out everytime on my place, because we wanted all those times ''make love''...
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    Drawings by MJlover01

    hey guys, Today I made my first Drawing. In my Sleep i could see how i draw Michael, so i did it today and here is the result: 1st drawing my second draw: Tell me what you think :D
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    MJEOL BULLET Not-so-breaking-news: Feldman and Haim not Molested by Jackson - Bullet #329

    great, now after so many years they just all admit that it wasn't mike YEEEHH!! :happymail:
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    LaToya @ the dutch program \'Jensen\'

    here is Latoya at the dutch proram jensen were she talks about her bad time with het ex-husband and why she was so talking bad about michael!! usS-RyT07aI wfxyhPsgiQI TKqPo7cdOTc vaJ_A5V9-wY