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    \"This Is It\" Reveals Lying Media

    Here's an article I wrote, hot off the press. I know you all know this but it's time the world pays attention.
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    Hold Our Own Tribute To MJ?

    A friend on Facebook mentioned in the list of things that are wrong about the aftermath, the tributes thus far being shoddy productions. She asked when someone was going to do a good nonprofit tribute to Michael. I'm weird in that I think, why wait? Why don't we do it ourselves? I don't know...
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    Thank You MJEOL Staff & Members

    I know I haven't posted much here in the past but I've read MJEOL for years. I just wanted to take a sec to thank the staff here for their tireless dedication in not only reporting MJ news but also calling out the hypocritical reporters where they find them. In the middle of this complete and...
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    How Do YOU Spell Irony?

    I just happened to flip over to Nancy (dis)Grace. (I don't watch it, swear!) I gather from what I saw before they went to commercial and I went to a better show, it was a segment about a murdered child. So what's the irony, you ask? As they are going to commercial, they show video of the...
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    WWE Looks back At Thriller...Huh?!

    That's right, even World Wrestling Entertainment has an article about the impact of "Thriller." Who knew Jackson influenced wrestling??? Check it out: Musical masterpiece still a "Thriller" at 25 By Brandon D. Campbell Written: February 12, 2008 “The funk of 40,000 years/And grizzly ghouls...
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    Has this been answered already....?

    Why isn't the Jacksons TV show on DVD???? This seems like such a no-brainer that there must be legal reasons or something. A bunch of entities claiming rights to it. Does anyone know the answer?
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    I Have A Scoop About The 50 Foot Robot Rumor....

    It's actually true. Michael Jackson is not involved with it, though. The 50-foot robot is the brainchild of Michael Luckman, author of Alien Rock: The Rock 'n' Roll Extraterrestrial Connection, and Andre Van Pier. Again, Michael is NOT involved in any way, shape, or form and probably has no...
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    MJ I Wanna Direct Your Next Music Video!

    Here's the latest video directed by yours truly. If I can do this with $300, think of the magic we can make on an MJ budget! Enjoy!
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    Hate To Say: MJ Might Be Fibbing A Bit

    Don't get me wrong, this lawsuit against MJ is ludicrous. However, when Jackson says he wouldn't go on a $300,000 shopping spree because that's spoiled, that isn't't we actually see him do just that during the Martin Bashire documentary?
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    Seth Green Says There Are 2 Kinds Of People....

    Actor Seth Green says: "There are two kinds of people in this world: Michael Jackson fans and losers."