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    Sorry if this is in the wrong place and such but... At the time of MJs trial Randy was MJs manager right? He hired his own people etc. Then when the staff failed to get payed, the people sued Michael. Randy backed these people. Randy signed a deal on behalf of MJ's at the time to refinance the...
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    Photoshop Tutirials

    Anyone have Photoshop tutorials?
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    In the mjj soruce intro...

    I'm not sure if this should go here but anyway. Am I the only one who noticed when you click the little red dots at the begining of the new mjjsource intro you get pics? Also at the last second (it only flashes a second) there is a message from Michael. ****Maria****
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    My Graphics Thread

    Well this will be my graphics thread. Comments wanted! Right now I only have 2 blends to post: That's it for now. ****Maria****
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    Blend I made...

    Okay well I made a blend... Take a look. I think this is my best work yet to tell you all the truth. Comments are welcome. And for those who have no clue who that is...she's the lead singer in the band called Nightwish.
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    Watch and Learn (poem)

    Okay this is a poem thing I have written and well it's called 'Watch and Learn' (title thanks to Janna) and tis about Mike and well...heck, read it. Sitting around listening to some oldies looking at pics of Angelina Jolie, Suddenly I see Michael Jackson on the TV, Stop looking at the pics...