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    I\'m back!

    Ahhh!!! Hello guys. I'm back. :) Where are all my gals? Come and greet me. Abby.
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    Because Of You

    did you guys know that alicia, my sexy ass girl...mmm!! god she has the finest ass!!1 oh yeah. hehe. did you know that mjj_girl05 and me albamelia are engaged?! hell yeah b!tches! we gonna get married.
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    Las Vegas - Michael Jackson Day

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    Is this love?

    bs lies! never loved that motherf*cker. i barely liked him.
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    Where\'s Michael\'s Hand? *hmm*

    She's not complaining..:D Who would?! :tooexcite Look at that smile on her face.
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    Newest Michael Picture

    *ah* I just really love this picture. :tooexcite It looks like he has his eyes closed and he's just giving the camera a sexy look..he doesn't have to try hard! :lol: :banana-mu
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    Has Michael ever made you cry?

    Has Michael ever made you cry? Has he done something publically that made tears in your eyes? Or has he said something that was so made you cry? I admit..I've cried. I mean, I am a sensitive gal and when I heard him talking about how Papa Joe used to hit him and, well, practically beat...
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    Michael\'s PJs!! :D

    I think Michael looks so cute in them! :heart2: Don't you?! :tooexcite Here are some pixs: I know these are from the trial but just focus on his PJs! :D :ten Don't you think he looks adorable? :cloud9: I mean, not all men wear these anymore. And to see Michael wearing them..I cannot...
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    The Michael Jackson Victory Celebration

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    Statement of Michael Jackson Regarding the Death of Mr. John Johnson

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    TV Alert: Tom Mesereau on CNN + Rita Cosby on MSNBC (MERGED)

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    MSNBC/Rita Cosby..

    As I watched The Abrams Report last night..I saw that Ms. Rita Cosby has a new show starting this Monday. Well, looks like her first guests are the two butt-heads..the jurors that are writing the book. I thought that ya'll might want to watch what they have to say..I mean, it's BS but maybe you...
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    Learn About My Love

    Learn About My Love The love in my heart is like a red flower that’s newly sprung in June. The love in my heart sings hour after hour it’s sweetly played in tune. The love in my heart shines like the sun the rays burn for you. The love in my heart is never done how can it, it’s barely new...
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    It\'s my first poem here...

    Love Drug I can’t sleep…I’m up all night. Through these tears…I try to fight, This desire…that makes me insane, Come and cure the pain. Feeling like…I want it, baby. Give it til…we both go crazy, Oh, so crazy…come over now, And I’ll show you how. Baby, I’m here…there’s no need to hide. I love...
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    I don't know if there was a posting on this but CLOSE if so...and forgive me. Michael News :bluecry:
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    Court Filings show jurors made conclusions on Friday

    This shows that the jurors made their desicion about counts 4, 5, 9, and 10 on June 10 and the rest on the 13. Check it out for yourself! Count 4: Lewd Act: they decided this on the 10 (friday) Count 5: Lewd Act: 10 Count 9: Intoxicating...
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    Rare pix-ez of Michael I haven\'t seen since...

    ...the last time I saved them and my brother deleted them cause he was mad at me! :hitting Have you guys seen these:
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    I was just wondering if we could maybe put up a category for games? Then we could put up games like The MJ Battle Game, The "do you know" Game, and the MJ alphabetical song Game... I was just wondering. Could we?
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    Working with the STARS

    I'm moving things fast, I know. Michael's still resting and it may be awile before he comes back to business. BUT, who would you guys love to see Mikey work with? (another singer or actor/actress) Marques Huston said he would loooove to work with him. He was asked what legend he would wanna...