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    What happens to all the old usernames??

    I was just wondering what happens to all the old usernames?? Do they get deleted??
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    The Boy who wouldn\'t shut up

    Kelly went to vist Celesta for the week.She rode the bus with Celesta on the way to school. "Hey, Kelly!" How's California? It's fime thank you. :D How's Karen the babe? Mr. B! Celesta said. What it's true. Mr. B, do you relize how red Karen's face would be if she heard this? Yes, Mr B. said...
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    My E-mail to Michael-*PLEASE READ*

    To Michael & his family: Hello! I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm behind you guys all the way.I love you guys, I love each one you. I also wanted you guys to know that anytime & I do mean ANYTIME you guys need anything you be sure to let me know, ok?? I've seen each of you go...