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    "I Was Forced to Get Pregnant"

    link here Like the beginning of some bubbly Hollywood rom-com, Sara* and Mark met in a postgrad science class. They hit it off early in the semester, but Sara – who, at 36, was more than a decade older than Mark – was hesitant when he asked her out. He won her over, and very quickly the two...
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    Jackson 5 Inspired By Bollywood: Jermaine

    link here TORONTO - Jermaine Jackson says he and his famous singing siblings were inspired by the over-the-top song-and-dance performances of Bollywood. The Jackson 5 singer says it's a big reason he's taking part in a tribute to his late brother Michael at a glitzy concert Friday put on by...
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    Emma Waston Cannot Wait to Be A Mom!

    Emma Watson has revealed that she "can't wait" to have a family of her own. The Harry Potter star told the Daily Record that she hopes to settle down and have children in the future. "I have very strong family values and I would definitely hope that marriage and kids would be in my future," she...
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    From Hot...To What?!

    Matt Leblanc was really hot :) I always refer to him as Joey though.. :p
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    Jaycee Dugard's Kidnappers Finally Get Their Sentences

    (CBS/KTVN/AP) PLACERVILLE, Calif. - Nancy and Philip Garrido were sentenced Thursday for the 1991 kidnapping of Jaycee Lee Dugard. Phillip Garrido received a sentence of 431 years to life and his wife Nancy was sentenced to 36 years to life for holding Dugard captive for 18 years and...
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    My Favourite Wedding Dresses

    Ever since I was seven I've been obsessed with getting married and having my own perfect dress, or to wear my mother's wedding dress, (which actually wasn't a real wedding dress nor did she have a real wedding). So here are a few of my favourite dresses. Just note, Ihave this thing for lace...
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    12 Summer Hairstyles

    link here Summer is about to kick into high (and hot!) gear. But before you break a sweat over what you'll do with your hair, grab some inspiration from these summer hair trends to beat the heat with style. Perfect for those humidity-stricken mornings, use a clipless curling iron to curl the...
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    '5 Hot Trends I'll Never Wear'

    link here. 1. Turbans 2. White on White 3. Banana Prints 4. Slick hair 5. Red or Orange Eyeshadow ________ Just for the record I remember seeing dozens of photos of Michael with orange eyeshadow on and he looked delicious. <3
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    Music's Worst Cover Versions

    You know those untouchable classic songs, like Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach?" Well, they've been touched... besmirched actually by a growing number of pop stars who think they have the vocal and emotional maturity to handle such weighty material. Excuse us...
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    The Alot is Better Than You At Everything

    My English teacher showed us this, and I thought it was so cute! (When people spell, "a lot", as "alot", it's really annoying.) FOR THIS TO BE EVEN FUNNIER, CHECK OUT THE LINK, IT HAS PICTURES! <3 hyberbole and a half As a grammatically conscientious person who frequents internet forums and...
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    Hairstyles in 15 Minutes or Less

    link here. #19 is like super cute, (I just don't have long enough hair for it, really.) #33 dudes, I like wake up with hair like that. Well maybe a bit messier. Or a lot.
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    Healthy Processed Foods

    link here. Trying to eat for good health but short on time? Here's our list of some of the newest and best processed foods to hit supermarket shelves. Looking to keep up your health kick? We're happy for you! Try some of these guilt-free, low-fat snacks or any of these delightful, healthy chips.
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    Tv Cast Reunions We'd Love to See

    link here. Some old news got a new wrinkle this week when Elizabeth Berkeley admitted on "The Today Show" that she'd be up for Jimmy Fallon's proposed "Saved by the Bell" reunion -- which had seemingly stalled back in 2009. Mark-Paul Gosselar, Mario Lopez and Dennis Haskins are already on...
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    Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces

    link here. Love hurts, and it can also set you back your entire lifesavings! Every year we’re entertained with the multi-million dollar divorce settlements of Hollywood’s most rich and famous, so we decided to take a look back at some of the most expensive separations to date. ------- This...
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    Unreleased (Awesome) Michael Jackson Songs

    Work That Body - Space Dance - Get It - (Stevie Wonder featuring MJ) She Got It - We Be Ballin' - (Ice Cube, Shaq O'Neal featuring...
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    Michael Jackson - The Mitchell Brothers (With Calvin Harris)

    Don't know if anyone has seen this, (probably), but it's awesome! Oh and, though it says it was a tribute to him, it wasn't. This was recorded a while back. First of all, noting the fact that the video was like posted in 2007... ----- Not a big fan of rap music, but I thought this was cute.
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    Meaningless Weird Dream

    Ok, last night I had this insanely dumb dream. Insanely dumb dream. In my dream, I was talking to Susie (LittleSusie50) and she was saying how she only posts half of the time. And I was like ok...? She was like, "Since you have to pay Hal of your posts, Thad why I only post half of the time." I...
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    Otherworldly Music Video Transformartions

    link here Katy Perry - "E.T."Marilyn Manson - "The Dope Show"Bjork - "All Is Full of Love"Michael Jackson - "Thriller" (:wub )Lady Gaga - "Born This Way"Robbie Williams - "Rock DJ"Christina Aguliera - "Fighter"Tori Amos - "A Sorta Fairytale"Backstreet Boys - "Everybody (Backstreet's Back"
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    Chinese students dance to Michael Jackson's Dangerous

    Hundreds of students at a primary school in a remote mountainous area in southwest China dance to late King of Pop Michael Jackson's Dangerous during their morning exercises. Every morning during their break, more than 700 students at Duping primary school in rural Chongqing assemble to...
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    Which Michael Jackson Dance Game Fits Your Family?

    Perhaps the best way to compare different technologies is see how they are used to solve a common problem. With this in mind I paid extra attention to the different opinions of Michael Jackson: The Experience that had been contributed to my Family Gaming blog. You see, the game is being...