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    Request: Michael and Brooke Shields pics

    I am in a deperate need of pictures with Michael and Brooke Shields in good quality please? I can find any though google...:(
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    Are you going to do anything special on MJ\'s birthday?

    Are you all gonna do something in particular on Appleheads birthday? I am so happy cause I found white tape yesterday at my mums office so I am gonna walk around in Shanghai on the streets with white tape on my fingers and my MJ t's gonna be bretty warm but it's totally worth it...
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    Myspace profile editing help

    I recently started using my myspace account again and I can't seems to edit my profile :s I'm using the profile editor and I've uploaded a small pic of michaels face as a background and everything else but when I am going to my proile it's all gret and red and ugly..can someone please help me to...
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    Pictures request

    Hey, does anyone have pictures with michael and Lisa Marie Kissing? I am searching especially for the pictures where he wears a gray burberry-type patterned jacket and Lisa Marie kisses him infront of the camera and snuggles up to him. U know what pictures I mean? I would greatly appreciate it...
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    Caption I made :P

    MJ: *raises arms* rest of the audience thinking: "what is that smell..? MJ: "Heey everyone! Smell my armpits! audience: *uncomfortable* :bleh Hopefully noone will be offended by this caption. I am in a crazy playful mood right now.
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    I need 2 songs..

    I need They don't care about us prison version on mp3 and Blood on the dancefloor extended version (icluding the tapdance) Can someone please help me? Greatly appreciated! :D xx Ebba
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    MJ 50:th Birthday

    I may have written about this before I don't remember..hehe sorry if I have lol Since Michael turns 50 years old (michael you're ooooold.:P *pokes*) I really want to do something for throwing him a party or something with NON MJ music and not MJ performances but I dunno I feel like I...
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    MJ concert this summer in London?

    Hey everyone! I heard from a michael fan on Facebook that Michael will have a concert in London this summer. I asked her if it was confirmed and she said that she heard it on the news since one of michaels siblings live there. Is this true? :idontknow It would be soooo awesome if it was! I am...
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    What happened here?

    I've got this photo of michael and I just wanna know what happened to him.. I have no idea..:idontknow
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    I didn't really know where to post this. But I decided to put it in off topic.. My dad helped me to order the Ebony Magazine finally from and I got a mail that that the magazine was "dispatched" and about 5 days later I ask my dad if he got the magazine and he said no. So I was...
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    Just out of curiousity...anyone here got facebook?:D
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    Contact Raymone Bain.

    Is there any way to contact her like mail or something..cause I have the worlds greatest Idea! And I want to see what she thinks about it. Maybe she thinks I am a total nutcase! LOL Anyways...u guys know? xx Ebba
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    VMA 1995 performance Dangerous Audio?

    I really need this file in audio casue I am gonna teach my friends next monday how to dance to Dangerous, so I really need this one. hehee. :D
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    I need a picture..

    Sorry, I wasn't sure which forum I was supposed to send this in..ah well.. I am looking for a big picture of the Michael Jackson "Tribal" sign if you know what I am talking about.. It's an M and J in one..Ah, I am sorry I am bad at explaining LOL Would appreciate it very much casue I am...
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    The MJ award show in London...

    I am 99.9 % sure I will attend :D Wohoo! I am finally going to see Michael "dr Heat" Jackson and i've heard that he will perfrom??! :mf_w00t2: DAMN! It's going to be a blast! :D Anyone from here who will go? Excuse my english..hehe
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    Stunning picture of Michael <3

    I found this extremely goorgeous picture of michael. Look at him..He is just so..perfect :love GORGEOUS!:wub:
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    Can someone please help me?

    I am looking for those priceless caption with michael swallowing a tampon.. :crackingu I reallly miss them. Thanks :)
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    Is this true?

    I am kind of disappointed in Michael becasue people say to me that he now LIVES in Saudi Arabia. I am kinda sad casue I canät think of Michael living in Saudi Arabia. Is he ever going back to Neverland? I know he said in that CBS interview that it wasn't his home anymore but I want michael to...
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    I LOVE MJ fans!!!

    When I browsed through some of the latest pictures on jacksonaction I found this: I was in school when I saw this and it almost brought tears to my eyes. It was soo sweet and adorable. :inlove I just wanted to tell you all that I LOOVE and ADOORE Michael fans! :inlove *sob* :laugh
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    How do you.. The staff on Mjjsourc. I looked for their e mail on there but I couldn't find it. Help please? Thanks :)