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    Name Change

    Just wondering if I could get my username changed to EternalMJLover. Thanks!
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    Filmmakers from overseas continue visiting Michael Jackson\'s Indiana hometown

    Filmmakers from overseas continue visiting Michael Jackson's Indiana hometown By Associated Press,0,947931.story GARY, Ind. (AP) – Interest continues around the world about the life of Michael Jackson, bringing film crews from...
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    Send your messages of love to Michael!

    From Tom on MJNO:
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    The King Of Pop Building

    Add a brick for Mike! :D
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    Michael Jackson stages turnaround

    I'm seriously bored with the rumours of Michael's finances, but I thought this was interesting. :) Michael Jackson stages turnaround by Richard Morgan Posted 04:44 EST, 6, Jan 2006 Michael Jackson's professional behavior has taken such a bizarre turn toward the rational that the erstwhile King...
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    Power Of Oneness - Video Request

    Does anyone have the video where Michael gets an award where he accepts it over a video link from Neverland? In it he has the hiccups and apologises for them. It's so cute! ^_^ Can anyone help lil me and upload it, please? :)
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    Don\'t Stop Till You Get Enough

    Katie (For All Time) is staying at my house and we were looking for online Michael videos and lookie what we found... :crackingu Possibly the funniest vid ever! :crackingu
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    De Ja Vu - Dangerous?

    I was just looking at those new pics of Mike in Dubai and it's like a flash-back from the Dangerous era! Lookie: He looks stunning! :D He never ages!
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    MSG Night One - was it that bad?!

    I was having a discussion with two friends who post on here last night about night one of MSG. I won't mention any names enless they want to post their views in here for themselves. Anyway it got pretty heated (we didn't argue or fall out, we just had strong views). One of my friends claimed...
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    Brother: Jackson \'at peace\' and recovering from trial

    Brother: Jackson 'at peace' and recovering from trial LOS ANGELES (AP) – Michael Jackson is "at peace" as he recovers from the ordeal of his molestation trial, his brother Jermaine said Wednesday. "Michael is recovering, but it's a time (to) rejoice for the family," Jermaine Jackson said...
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    We Are The World (Boxset Version)

    I'm just listening to We Are The World on the Boxset and ahhh I'm in love again! :inlove Michael's voice on this song is just so, so beautiful! I really love it at the end the best! :D I'm not great at describing songs but damn, he's incredible! :inlove
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    Uploading Help

    I could kick myself right now! I just spent aaages on a new siggy only to find it's too big to upload on photobucket! :hitting And I reeeally want to use it! Could someone really, really kind help me out by uploading it onto their site or something that's big enough to hold it, please? It's...
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    Well I just got a lecture...

    I know this thread is pretty pointless but I need to rant! My parents and my brother were just watching Richard And Judy. They just had stupid Rabbai Smulley (sp?) on there and as usual he was rattling on about his immense knowledge of the goings-on of Michael's mind... I started to get p*ssed...
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    Stories of slumber parties raise more questions

    Some things in this are a bit $hitty, but on the whole good. :) I'm sorry if it's been posted before. Commentary By Mike Taibbi Correspondent NBC News Updated: 12:09 p.m. ET May 7, 2005SANTA MARIA, Calif. - They’re all staying at Neverland. It came out in court. Wade Robson and Brett...
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    Pam\'s Watermark Removals

    Hey Pam. I asked in another thread and you said to make one. Could you please remove these watermarks for me, hun? No rush, just do them when you're not busy. :D :rose:
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    \"Molesters Often Strike Again\"

    Molesters Often Strike Again Saturday, April 16, 2005 By Catherine Donaldson-Evans Jessica Lunsford (search) and Jetseta Gage (search): two young girls recently kidnapped, molested and killed, allegedly by men who authorities said are convicted, registered sex offenders who had served time...
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    PARODY: Inside Rudy Provencio\'s Secret Diary

    :crackingu :crackingu :crackingu Note: Btw if you haven't got it, this is a joke! :lol:
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    Beautiful Neverland Piccy

    Look at this picture of Neverland Katie sent me a while ago. Doesn't look absolutely gorgeous? :inlove
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    *~*~* Gem\'s Smelly Blends *~*~*

    Yay I got photoshop back! :D Time to show my recent, awful creations! :lol: :cryptic
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    Feeling Positive?

    As the prosecution rounds up its case (any day now, shamoone!) how are you feeling? It's kinda another milestone in the "case". I said before somewhere that this point is supposedly to be the all-time low as the prosecution has got most of its "evidence" and witnesses out there. But I don't...