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    Michael\'s Private Home Videos

    I don't where to put these but we need to smile and remember the way Michael was. I'm sure everyone remembers Michael's Private Home Videos that air on FOX on April 20, 2003. Here remember the good times: Part 1 Part 2
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    New Photos of Mike

    LA local radio DJ "Big boy" met Michael Jackson here are the pics.. mjsn... close friend from Myspace send this on my bulletin, sharing them with you guys. Enjoy!
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    Happy New Year!

    Glitter Happy New Year Graphics I wish each and everyone of you, a very Happy New Year! Please be safe and continue to live each day in happiness, health, and success. Best wishes to you all and may God Bless!
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    Michael on the cover of Jet Magazine

    here the cover of Michael on Jet for the end of month, from my friend, Dee Enjoy! As many of you know, Michael is going to be featured in an issue of Jet magazine. His issue of Jet will I think be available to purchase on the week of December 24th -through-the 31st 2007. According to the dates...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    To all friends of MJEOL, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving with your love ones and friends:
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    Michael Jackson returns to the U.S.

    Michael Jackson returns to the U.S. By ERIC TALMADGE, Associated Press Writer 19 minutes ago Since Michael Jackson forsook his Neverland Ranch, the King of Pop has popped up in some very unexpected places. He's taken up residence in the Gulf state of Bahrain, in France and even in a castle...
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    Keep the Faith

    http://www.mjjforum .com/forums/index.php?act=ST&f=1&t=56583://http://www.mjjforum .com/forums/ind...=ST&f=1&t=56583 I'm posting this message from Ms Tenda over at MJJForum May 30th, 2005 Subject: MJJF: A Voice of Reason (please read!) To all Michael's Fans: Obviously, the past year and a...
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    Light A Candle For Michael - A Circle of Prayer from MJFC honor Michael by lighting a candle and a brief message
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    48 Hours

    Are you all watching 48 Hours?
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    MJJ Source Seal of Recognition

    Everyone Listen Up! I believe Whisper's MJEOL Site deserves the MJJ Source FanClub and Site Seal Of Recognition. She work very hard on this site and thanks to MJEOL BULLETS. I say we e-mail MJJ Source and let them know about this wonderful site. Any suggestions or comments. Full free to let me...
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    Concern For Justice

    Greetings to Friends, Fans, and Supporters of the King of Pop I found this message and I want to pass it along to everyone who feels concern about Michael's rough road ahead Concern For Justice "When you arrive in the land the Lord your God is giving you a special possession, never steal...
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    Quotes about Michael

    These are positive quotes from friends and celebrities who loves and/or admires Michael, all positive. "In the studio, Michael was a hard worker, a really hard worker. He would stand there until he got it right. He likes to perform with the lights out and just a single light on the stand. And...
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    Check it Out!

    Check out MJJ Source Michael's Press Release about the Neverland Party and Stories
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    A message of Prayer

    Prayer Request We are asking for prayer that God’s Light shines upon the stony hearts of those in Santa Barbara and give them the courage to face and repent for their transgressions against Michael Jackson and other victims of their evil ways. We pray for a cleansing of the Santa Barbara law...
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    Message from Michael to the fans

    Hey Everything, a fan posted this message by Raymone K. Bain, Michael's publicist. It's a message to from Michael to the fans. For all official News concerning the case and Michael go to MJJ Source Michael's messages 10/15/04 Raymone Bain has sent a message to the fans: "Michael Jackson...
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    T-Mez\'s Press Conference Postponed until further notice

    Hey Everyone Listen Up! Whisper, I hope this okay with you. Michael's attorney T-Mez will hold a press conference tomorrow at Noon PST time, 3p.m eastern. go to MJJ Source for more details. I do apologize for not posting the link. I have trouble posted it.
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    Michael\'s Support Efforts Go One Step Further :thumbsup To all fans, A close friend and fan of Michael gave up with an idea to write to the NAACP. To some who don't know what is NAACP is, it is an organization supporting African-American citizens. I think it a good idea to let our voices be heard...
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    Michael\'s Official Statement

    Everyone Michael released a statement about the Dateline Report on his official website check it out.