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    Dinosaurs anyone XD?

    This probably sounds real childish/ eccentric in general - but do any of you guys love Dinosaurs :D? Myself I've always been a big fan, "Jurrasic Park" was almost holy to me as a kid. My favourites are without doubt the Dromaeosaurs. Fast medium-sized predators like Deinonychus, Velociraptor...
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    \"SPACE CHANNEL 5\" - Yes, this -is- MJ related

    My own computer is dead, I'm writing this from my dad's studio PC. It's... not old but amazingly annoying. So, I'll keep this short. I was looking through a pile of old PS2 games of mine and found a copy of "SPACE CHANNEL 5 -Part 2" ! It's a dancing game from 2002 with lots of bright colors...
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    SPECIAL: The Sims 2 Michael!!

    I tried making a Michael Jackson sim today, I was first about to post this in my drawings thread but I realized that'd be weird... So, I created another - 3 threads in a row, ouch! ( I REALLY DON'T WANT TO SPAM THE BOARDS, OK? ;_; SORRY) Anyway, Here are some pictures XD! The only thing I've...
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    Eicia\'s Drawings (+ other non-photo works)

    HI AGAIN This thread is for non-photo art and I'm going to post everything else than blends here. I haven't drawn many MJ fanarts in my life, but oh well :) Gotta start sometime. lol just a doodle. It's late here so I'm too tired to draw anything pretty... :( Didn't use any reference but I...
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    Eicia\'s blends!

    Hay thare guys! I'm all new here, this is my first post ever on MJEOL. Anyway - I spent some time this evening making a an MJ blend, and I would like to share it with you :) ! Extra credits to Miss M and J.R.Prongs for making such amazing photoshop brushes for everyone to use!! NEW 11/3 2008...