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    I\'m going to be featured in a BOOK!!

    Hey everyone, let me tell you something fun. I know a swedish journalist whose going to release a book about FANS, and he has taken some Michael fans to be apart of this little thing that he's gonna do. I don't know what the book is going to be called but I texted him on his cellphone and...
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    TV alert: 05/07/17 (For Swedish Fans)

    Copyright: Digital Classics Michael Jackson och hans musik Michael Jackson är trots sin livsstil en av världen absolut största popstärnor. Filmen speglar karriären på 1980-talet, hans musik, dans och kreativa genialitet. Det blir bilder från olika framträdanden, videoklipp och...
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    How does your WINAMP MJ LIST look like?

    Here's mine (*in Alphabetic order*) Audios 1. | Michael Jackson - Another part of me (Long Version) 2. | Michael Jackson - Another Part Of Me (Instrumental)3 3. | Michael Jackson - Bad (Alex F Remix) 4. | Michael Jackson - Bad (Techno 2004 Remix) 5. | Michael Jackson - Bad Acapella 6. |...
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    I made two t-shirt artprinter

    im making more later.....
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    I\'m sooooooooo INLOVE with We\'ve had enough!

    I'm listening to we've had enough at the moment you know before I didn't like the song but now after listening to it over and over it's amazing!!!!!!!!!!! :) ehehe it reminds me so much of this trial doesn't it? It's AMAZING! :) I love it. Read the lyrics: Love was taken from a young live And...
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    here comes the voting, sorry that it took such long time but it's finally here now :) remember to vote NICELY not FRIENDLY okay! Rules. - Send me your vote per pm - Don't vote more then 1 time - The one who has got MOST vote will be the next hostess/host! GOOD LUCK!
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    Send Michael your deepest regards!

    I've created a forum for all people who wants to greet Michael and tell him that everything's going to be okay! It's a greeting forum, which means that you send your greetings to Michael! It's very important to get our voice heard so please bare with me and let us make this forum filled with...
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    FIRA MICHAEL'S FRIA DAGAR I STOCKHOLM PÅ PLATTAN ---- Michael Jackson kommer förmodligen till 99.9% gå fri redan nästa vecka, för att fira hans frigivning kommer jag att anordna en hyllning på plattan i stockholm. TID OCH PLATS KOMMER ATT KOMMA DIREKT EFTER ATT HAN HAR BLIVIT FRI ----
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    [size=2] Rules for the contest. ----------------------------------- Well the rules stays the same basically BUT in this ruling, I want to see a coloration! Here is an example on a coloration. The Rules are simple. - Send me your entry! - Do not write your name on your coloration - Do NOT...
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    A laughing NEWS that has been a \"bombshell\"

    this is hallerious, I know that you all have heard stories that Michael Jackson will runaway from his country after the vindication probably next week. LMAO a swedish magazine has taken this story seriously and I've read TWO magazines about this new "news", one of the news magazine said Michael...
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    LMAO look at this picture

    LOL ahahahaha
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    I believe that Michael is Guilty

    ............... of being the most precious and most incredible down-to-earth and strongest HUMAN being on this earth! He has been put up with lots and lots, he deserves justice and most of all LOVE. I love you Michael Jackson!!!!
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    Official April 6 Thread: No Court Today

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    My michael Jackson paintings

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    My photographs

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    Beautiful Screenshot pictures

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    Official March 23rd Hearing Thread

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    Official March 23rd Hearing Thread

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    The BEST media related song by MJ ever?

    which song do you personally think is the GREATEST MEDIA related song ever by Michael? I know it's hard to choose cause there are so many but I love Money .... it's so good and he sounds so mad in this song too, but Scream is also a good MEDIA related song, now come on choose