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    ::My Drawings:: (2006)

    I thought I would start a new thread :8-26-03fruits_apple with all new drawings, of being my character Mich'ra and even Michael Jackson. But first, let's recap on some of my older drawings... drawen earlier this year: (some drawings you may have seen before, and some are new ones I have not yet...
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    The Fight for Innocence

    So, here is a story of the famous Captain EO, of the Cosmos and his crew; however, this is slightly different. It's the genre of mystery and a thriller. I hope you will read and enjoy. Now, as I said before, this story... well... when I get to the turn of updating, I may not update it as...
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    Finding Neverland

    ( before we begin, I would just like to say that I thought I will repost this story, which used to be called 'Welcome to Never Land' - like 'Essence of Love' - it will have a sequel. The characters will be in the blend. I hope you enjoy ) Introduction It was in the middle of the coldest...
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    The Beauty Within

    The Beauty Within Characters Beast/Jean Michel Description of the Beast Form : His/its fur is a blinding silver; with specks of light gray. He is a mixture between a bat and canine (wolf) and he/it has beautiful, ocean blue eyes. He/it is around 6ft 5, with 6inchs of fang, and his/its...
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    My Poems: The Offical Thread

    Okay, I have decided to start a new, official thread for my poems. The first recent once was called 'Beautiful Midnight', which I hoped eveyone liked. Okay, here is a new poem: Surrealism Twist and turning, Following the delicate road, to this delusional place, of which is untold. The...
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    Who has...

    Who has the whole picture of the 'Invincible' front cover. I have look for it everywhere, and I cannot find it. Can anyone help me with this?
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    Beautiful Midnight.

    Beautiful Midnight The reflection of my eyes, Are withdrawing me to the stars above, As I watch the moon arise from the darkened horizon. I can only see, the blackness of the night, As I sit here and wonder how the eagles fly. Now I see the stars, Twinkling so brightly into my heart, As I...
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    New Works! Enjoy! My new signature and avatar: Åvªtªr: §îgnªture:
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    Custom Avatars

    My friend gave me and Idea. And I know some of you don't have custom avatars. But I was wondering, if anyone wanted me to make you want. You know, just out of curiousity. I will be happy to, I really would. Come back to me if you want one :) Fran. PS: An example:
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    Jackson to \'Record comeback in London\'

    Superstar MICHAEL JACKSON will reportedly step out of hiding in the Middle East next week (begs03OCT05) to record his charity single THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART in Britain. The THRILLER singer has been residing in Bahrain with his friend PRINCE ABDULLA since he was acquitted of child molestation...
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    I\'m feeling generous!

    I'm feeling generous, I am willing to make anyone a blend/avvy. Please post your pictures and wanted text here. I will have it done soon.
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    *-My Drawings-*

    I decided to make a new thread, with new drawings! enjoy! :) I traced this, but I added a few changes a character I made up... Mich'ra creature/human form
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    Fight I have... Been torn up like shreads of paper. And I... Have felt like I have been cheated on. You're... Into deep As I... Am so angry and torn! Fight, You've messed around with me, You've played with my heart. And I, have grown very tempermental, You've obvisiously messed with the wrong...
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    My other stories are going to be completed and updated as soon as possible. 'Welcome to Neverland' is going finished, there will be a part two. Introduction My heart is beating, with great speed. My feet are vibrating against the cool, transparent floor, I am the dance, I am the the...
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    *~Sensational Soul~*

    MJBT forums and *~Sensational Soul~* will the the exsisting forum for now on. The rest will be deleted... as they haven't been posted for a long time. For those members, you are welcome to register on Sensational Soul and post. The banner is temperal. There is a thread in the 'Graphixs' for my...
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    A banner needed

    Is anyone able to make me a banner, with this picture? with it saying 'Sensational Soul'. Can it also be animated in a way... like the text is always flashing...
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    The Voice Within

    The eyes were all around me, creating tension, as my feet pounded against the polished hall floors. I took many deep breaths, to keep my heart rate from becoming so fast that I would immediately experience heart failure. My eyes allowed themselves to wander, as I took in the formal scenary; the...
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    My Poem Thread: Round Three

    Here is my recent poem for those have haven't yet checked it out: Seeking for your Love ------MJ------ Okay, this is one new poem for my new fanfiction 'Blood Rain': Blood Rain As I sit here in the cold, Watching the acid tears burn my skin, I sit on the deserted step, thinking about you, I...
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    Blood Rain

    It was in the beginning of September. Michael Jackson was still staying within the comforting boundaries of Dubai, in UAE. It was a beautiful, warm and welcoming country; the people excepted you from anywhere and everywhere; not even worrying about what religion you were. The scenary was...
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    Seeking for your Love

    Seeking for your Love I never knew why I was feeling this way, Peeling away, As I kept on thinking about you. Your eyes so deep, I could just melt away, Into the stream of your undying love. I could always deny, On how much I lie, to you, Thinking I will get away without loving you. But this...