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    Why make such a big deal???

    Hey guys.... I don't know if this has been discussed before but if it has then please deleate it. -The Movie "Chocolate Factory" with Johnny Depp...that movie is causing a lot of talk where people are saying that his character is base off Michael Jackson...*the make-up , the voice and the...
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    Luther Vandross is dead...OMG...thais is sad ppl...very sad....Lord have Mercy..... Rest In Peace Luther!!!!
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    Let\'s Blame It On Michael Jackson!

    Hey guys :thumbsup -Yesterday on court tv that bitch Nasty Disgrace made alot of unsettling comments about Michael Jackson. -It brought tears to eyes to see her portraying him as a weird creep who needs to be jailed for ......being a weird creep!!!! -I completely dislike her and her damn...
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    What\'s tha matter with Boteach?

    Hi guys! -This thread is about Rabbi Shmuley..(I think that's how you spell it)..what's his problem with Michael Jackson??? -He was just on court tv almost literally condeming Michael on these charges!! -Does he have f**king issues???...I mean damn it he is acting like a jilted...
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    I think It\'s DISGUSTING!!!!!

    Hey guys!! -I personally think it's digusting but someone asked me about the mothers of all the boys (some of whom are now men) and their relationship with Michael Jackson. They said that based on the testimonies already given, it seems that some of these women had probably wanted a sexual...
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    Is it or is it NOT your duty to report a \'CRIME\'???

    As I was listening to Larry King Live last night a caller made a comment about the 'NEVERLAND FIVE' and the fact that they refused to report the 'molestations' they claimed to have witnessed. Now the question was if they could be charged for not reporting it. One of the panel guest answered by...
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    This one goes out to \'SNEDDUM and his CLAN\'

    Sung to the tune of 'I will survive': Thought I had a case so I flashed a smile, Thinking I could shame the king by bringing him to trial, But I made a big mistake by rounding up a group of fools Now my so-called 'case' has crumbled making me look like one too, Chorus: I won't survive, Told so...
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    To the Fans

    Wouldn't it be amazing if we the FANS could come together and sing a song for Michael in front of the Court House for Michael? - I bet he'd love that. I'd truely be fantastic. - This would be a song put together by us though. - I have a few lyrics already. :D